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Woodway Path

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The Woodway Path can hold up to 500 lbs running or 800 lbs walking. This is considerably stronger than most treadmills. The running surface is 22″ x 52″, it can go up to 11 MPH, and has an incline capacity of 15%. The dimensions of this machine are smaller and lighter than the other Woodway models.

It is powered by a 2HP Continuous motor. This treadmill is a lot closer to being a home treadmill than the other Woodway models as well. However, the durability and quality of the parts that go into making this model is something that can easily be used as a commercial treadmill. This would be a good choice for small gyms or fitness clubs that are in need of a quality treadmill in a convenient size.

The warranty for the Path covers drive, motor, and belt for 5 years, all other components for 3 years, and labor costs for a year. There are some other options that you could add onto the Path model other than just the console upgrade. You can also upgrade the incline to 25% and the speed to 15 mph. Normally 12 mph is plenty fast for your average person, but this treadmill is built for athletes who may be able to handle a bit more.