Xterra Trail Racer 6.3 Treadmill Review

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Xterra Trail Racer 6.3

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The Xterra Trail Racer 6.3 is probably the least popular treadmill in the Xterra lineup. There are a couple of reasons for this. The 6.3 is priced a little awkwardly. It has quite a few better specs than the 3.0, but it is still lacking in features compared with the 6.6, yet it is closely priced to the 6.6. Customers tend to realize this awkward price and either make the decision to get way cheaper or only slightly more expensive for a way better treadmill.

In this case, I’d definitely recommend spending the extra few dollars to get quite a significantly different treadmill. This model, the 6.3 comes with a 2.75 CHP motor, a 20″ x 58″ tread belt, and a 325 lb user weight capacity. The features are really disappointing when you compare them with the lower model that is $200 cheaper. This model actually comes with less workout programs than the 3.0. It has the same size display monitor and the same roller size. The 6.3 is very similar to the 3.0 other than the larger motor, treadbelt, incline, and user weight capacity. But all these changes are so miniscule that the average user wouldn’t even notice anyways.

Again, as I say with all Xterra treadmills; The overall appearance of this treadmill is phenomenal. They’ve really built their treadmills with elegance in mind. The machine looks a lot more expensive than it is, which is a huge plus. Another great thing about Xterra is their positive user feedback. This company has built up quite a nice reputation for themselves, very quickly. Here’s where I spout my opinion off. Xterra is a great company, and if you are going to buy one of their treadmills, I do not recommend this one. Spend the extra dollars and get the 6.6. It is greatly worth it.


Overall, the Trail Racer 6.3 is kind of an awkwardly priced treadmill. It is quite a bit more money than the 3.0, but only barely priced lower than the 6.6. The specs and features are not much greater than the 3.0, but if you jump up a few dollars more to the 6.6, the specs and features are significantly greater. So, it’s pretty obvious where I think you should spend your money. This treadmill is just kind of a waste of time, and I think most users realize that, because it has the fewest user reviews. Either settle for the entry-level treadmill (the 3.0), or jump up to a real quality treadmill and get the 6.6.