Xterra TR6.8 Treadmill Review

Xterra TR6.8 Treadmill

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The Xterra Trail Racer 6.8 is the high end treadmill of the Xterra pack. This is the most luxurious and feature packed treadmill you can get from this company. It isn’t priced significantly higher than the other choices, but the features are not extravagantly different either. The 6.8 is a great treadmill with its 20″ x 60″ treadbelt, 3.5 CHP motor, and 400 lb user weight capacity, but it not necessarily the best value for your money. In fact, this treadmill does not differ a whole lot from the 6.6, which is priced $200 less.
The 6.8 is definitely going to be the strongest and most sturdy machine in the Xterra lineup, so if you are most concerned with that, then this machine might be the right decision for you. It will probably last longer than any other Xterra treadmill, and the warranty is the best to cushion that even more. This machine receives extremely positive reviews from its customers and everyone compliments the heavy duty-ness of the machine. This machine is a pretty solid value and I recommend it for users looking for a sturdy and strong machine.