Why Do Some Treadmills Cost So Much Money?

It only takes a few minutes of research online to figure out that some treadmills are very expensive. Likewise, you will find that some treadmills hardly cost a thing. So what’s the difference? Why are some of them so expensive?

First and foremost, the parts play a big role. If you look at $500 treadmills, you will see most have a motor of 1.5 HP or so. Look at a $2,000 treadmill and you will see a 3 HP motor. More powerful motors are more expensive, and these drive up the prices.

Also, some have very sophisticated computers. Some treadmills even have touchscreen browsers. The electronics in the consoles can be another big expense.

Another issue with the parts is that some can be cheaply made while others are of higher quality. The belt you walk on can be easily ripped like a paper towel or it can be very durable. Some parts in the deck can be made of plastic or steel. Construction plays a big role here.

Warranties can also drive up the cost. If a manufacturer gives you a 1 year warranty on everything, they probably aren’t charging you much. If they give you a lifetime warranty on everything, they are charging you a ton because you’re not going to buy another machine from them again.

So why are some treadmills that are seemingly the same priced so differently? It’s called branding. Why does your Apple laptop cost twice as much as a computer that does the same thing? Because there is an Apple logo on it, that’s why.

Treadmills are no different. In the home market, brands like NordicTrack dominate. However, in the commercial market, names you might not be familiar with dominate. That’s why they charge so much. If you can only find Precor machines in high end gyms, then when Precor sells to the public they are going to charge double what they need to just because they have a brand image to maintain. And rich people will buy them because they have an image to maintain.

That’s just how it goes unfortunately. You can find similar features in a $1,500 NordicTrack treadmill as a $3,000 Precor treadmill. You’re only paying for a brand name. Think of it like shoes. Nike doesn’t have a superior shoe to other shoe manufacturers. They just have the most well known brand. So they can charge more because people will pay it.

Don’t be deceived by high prices as a sign of high quality. Always research thoroughly as you don’t want to waste any money on overpriced treadmills.

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