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Treadmill Review

The Gold’s Gym Trainer 430i is essentially the same treadmill as the Gold’s Gym 420 treadmill with only a couple of variances.

  • The Trainer 430i has a treadmill belt measuring 16” in width and 50” in length while the 420 is 18” wide and 50” long.
  • Bluetooth syncing with iFit is available on the Trainer 430i where there is no option for that on the 420.
Other than those two points, these treadmills are identical but the Trainer 430i costs $20 more. Here at Treadmill Reviews, we didn’t find the 420 treadmill worth the price and we don’t find that the Trainer 430i is worth its price either.  


The Trainer 430i is priced at $549.

The Trainer 430i Is Built For Users who:

  • Are chiefly walkers - As the Trainer 430i isn’t the most durable treadmill and only has a treadmill motor of moderate strength, it would be best if walkers were the primary users.
  • Have budget restrictions - The relatively low price of the Trainer 430i can be an appealing point for those potential users who need an affordable treadmill.
  • Want an easy console - With just two rows of buttons dedicated to the incline and speed controls, the console of the Trainer 430i is an easy to use console. There are only a handful of buttons near the start/stop switch, and they are labeled to ease any confusion.

Why The Trainer 430i earned 2.1 stars

There were some distinct qualities about the Trainer 430i which caused it to lose points with us as we reviewed it.

  • Treadmill belt lacks space - A treadmill belt which only measures 16” in width and 50” in length is too cramped for anything beyond walking or very careful jogging. The better treadmills in this price range have belts measuring 20” wide by 55” long.
  • Curtailed warranty length - With warranties that range from 5 years for the motor & frame and 90 days for the labor & parts, we weren’t impressed. Lifetime warranties on the frame and at least 25 years on the motor are where the bar is set for this price range.
  • Fairly average in many ways - Outside of some glaring inadequacies, the Trainer 430i is on par with the basic specifications of other treadmills in its price range.

Because of these factors, the Trainer 430i did not make it into our best treadmills between $500 - $700 list.

Main Specs - 5/10

Specs “Quick Review”:
  • Motor Size: 2.5 HP
  • Running Area: 16” W x 50” L
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Folding: Yes
  • Footprint In Use (W, L, H): 28.9” x 64.7” x 55”
  • Incline Range: 0-10%
  • Max Speed: 10 MPH
  • Treadmill Best For: Walkers
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 volts

Motor Size - The motor in this treadmill is a 2.5 HP motor which runs quietly. It isn’t powerful and as the measurement is in peak horsepower and not continuous duty horsepower, we can’t tell exactly how powerful the Trainer 430i motor is.  

Running Area - A narrow treadmill belt, measuring only 16” wide and 50” long, is on the Trainer 430i. You will have to be careful not to clip the side rails with your feet as you use the Trainer 430i which becomes a bit difficult when you put the treadmill at higher speeds or inclined.

Weight Capacity - Potentially, the Trainer 430i can hold a user weighing up to 300 lbs. However, based on our in-person testing, we aren’t too confident. We wouldn’t recommend a user weighing over 250 lbs to use the Trainer 430i.

Folding  - The Trainer 430i can fold, with the deck secured with a spring-loaded pin.

Space / Footprint - A slim treadmill of small dimensions, the Trainer 430i measures 28.9” wide, 64.7” long, and 55” high. There is currently a mistake on the Gold’s Gym site listing the length as 55” and 64.7” high, which we found was incorrect as we reviewed the Trainer 430i.

Max Speed - The treadmill’s max speed is 10 MPH, which is standard for this price range.

Incline - This treadmill has an incline range of 0-10%. The Trainer 430i can smoothly and silently move between the various incline levels, which keeps incline changes from interrupting your workout.

Features - 6/10

Features “Quick Review”
  • Display: Racetrack LCD
  • PreInstalled Workout Apps: 16
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Fans: No
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact pulse
  • USB port: No
  • Audio Jack: Yes
  • Water bottle cubbies: Yes
  • Device holder: Yes

Workout Apps - There are 16 workout apps which come with the purchase of the Trainer 430i which are targeted to help with speed improvement, calorie burn, and intensity workouts.

Display - The LCD racetrack window display can help you keep track of your workout. It displays your distance, time elapsed, calorie burn, incline, and speed.

Speakers - There are two small speakers located on the console of the Trainer 430i. They deliver slightly fuzzy sound but can reach a decent volume so you can hear your media over the running treadmill.

Fans - No fans are on the Trainer 430i.

Heart Rate Monitoring - Two EKG contact grips on the front handlebars can help you track your heart rate. But like all contact heart rate grips, they do not give the most accurate readings.

Other Tech Features
  • iFit sync
  • Multi-purpose holders
  • Audio Jack

Build Quality - 4/10

Trainer 430i Review: Build Quality

  • Warranties - 5-year motor & frame, 90 days for labor & parts
  • Belt -1-ply
  • Cushioning - AirStride™ Plus
  • Customer Support - Email, live chat, phone
  • Return Policy - 30-day trial

We aren’t a fan of the short warranty length as it may indicate that this treadmill will not last all that long. Those looking for a treadmill that will be affordable and last over the years may want to look elsewhere.

The AirStride™ Plus improves the flexibility of the Trainer 430i deck. It becomes more noticeable when you are using the treadmill at higher speeds.

If you are approved to return your Trainer 430i within the 30-day trial period, then you can receive a refund on your purchase. You will be charged a 10% restocking fee unless the treadmill was defective or damaged.  

Bottom Line Review Of The Gold’s Gym Trainer 430i Treadmill

Overall, we don’t recommend the Trainer 430i. The treadmill belt is fairly small, the motor is somewhat underpowered, it only has 16 workouts, has a limited warranty, and is not very sturdily built. We recommend you instead look at our best treadmills between $500-$700.


Best Place To Buy The Gold’s Gym Trainer 430i Treadmill

The best place to buy the Trainer 430i treadmill is on Gold’s Gym website. You can usually receive the best price and the latest treadmill model, rather than a refurbished one.

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