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Last Updated: 1/11/2022

The HealthRider H20T treadmill is another case of an over-priced budget treadmill. Even for a treadmill in the $500-$700 treadmill price range, the H20T would not stack up that well, but its features are better suited to that price range.

With only 6 workout programs, 2.0 CHP motor, and a weight capacity of 250 lbs, the H20T is an underpowered treadmill. Instead of this underwhelming treadmill, Treadmill Reviews would recommend the Horizon T101 or the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si. These treadmills have a more affordable price tag, as well as a better build, more workout programs, and far superior features overall.


The price of the H20T is $1,079 on the HealthRider website. Maybe the H20T went on a significant sale then it may be worth purchasing, but not at its current price. However, for our Canadian readers, the H20T is often priced around $899 on Canadian Tire, which is a far more reasonable price than the HealthRider site lists the H20T.

The H20T Is Built For Users who:

  • Need a small treadmill - The H20T is a very compact and slender treadmill which will not take up that much space in your residence. It is also able to fold up, decreasing the space you need to store this treadmill.
  • Plan to walk only - While you can reach 10 MPH on the H20T, we do not recommend using this treadmill for anything but walking as it is just not sturdy enough for anything else.
  • Don’t mind buying again - Not a very durable treadmill, the H20T will likely not last that long when used by a regular user. If you don’t mind buying a new treadmill every few years, then the H20T’s lack of durability may not be a problem for you.

Why The H20T earned 2 stars

Priced at just over $1,000, the H20T does not appear to be worth that kind of price tag when compared against the better treadmills in the under $1,000 range.

  • Small motor - The average motor size for treadmills in the under $1,000 treadmill range is 2.75-3.0 CHP while the H20T only has a 2.0 CHP motor.
  • Limited features - From the only 2 incline levels available to the weight capacity of only 250 lbs, the H20T shows poorly against the more standard 0-15% incline ranges and 300 lbs weight capacity of the better treadmills in this price range.
  • Short warranty - You only have 90 days to have your motor, parts, and labor under warranty on the H20T. The average for this price range is lifetime frame and motor, 3-year parts, and 1-year labor.

Treadmill Reviews has been lucky to review many excellent treadmills, and it has helped us determine exactly which treadmills are worth your hard-earned money. If the H20T was a significantly lower-priced treadmill, then we would feel more favorable towards it. But as it stands, we would not recommend the H20T over treadmills like the T101 or the T 6.5 Si.

Main Specs - 4/10

Specs “Quick Review”:
  • Motor Size: 2.0 CHP
  • Running Area: 16” W x 50” L
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Folding: Yes
  • Footprint In Use (W, L, H): 29” x 65” x 56″
  • Footprint Folded (W, L, H): 29” x 31.5″ x 59.25”
  • Incline Range: 2-positions
  • Max Speed: 10 MPH
  • Treadmill Best For: Walkers
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 volts

Motor Size - The motor in this treadmill is only 2.0 CHP. It does run very quietly due to its small size. However, if you are a Canadian shopping the Canadian Tire, the H20T comes with a 1.5 HP motor.

Running Area - The H20T has a walking treadmill belt which measures 16” wide and 50” long. At a walking pace, you may not notice the narrowness. However, if you are over 6’2” and walking at a brisk pace, you may not find the belt length comfortable.

Weight Capacity - According to HealthRider’s website, the H20T can accommodate a user weighing 250 lbs. We aren’t all that sure it can, as one of our testers weighs 220 lbs and he found the H20T unnervingly flexible under his feet.

Folding - Using a spring-loaded pin located midway down the treadmill’s upright frame, you can secure the H20T in the folded position.

Space / Footprint - When folded up, the H20T measures 29” wide, 31.5″ long, and 59.25” tall. This treadmill is light enough that it is easy to tilt and roll it away when you don’t need it. When in use, the H20T measures 29” wide, 65” long, and 56″ tall. Even in its unfolded position, the H20T does not take up much floor space.

Max Speed - The treadmill’s max speed is 10 MPH. We don’t recommend you push it to that speed, as the H20T is really built for walkers, not runners. Incline - There are only two incline positions on the H20T, regular position, and a slight incline when you fold in the back feet of this treadmill. You will need to manually put the H20T into the incline position.

Features - 4/10

Features “Quick Review”
  • Display: LCD window
  • PreInstalled Workout Apps: 6
  • Speakers: No
  • Fans: No
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes
  • USB port: No
  • Audio Jack: No
  • Water bottle cubbies: Yes
  • Device holder: No

Workout Apps - There are 6 workout exercise programs to choose from when you use the H20T. According to the HealthRider website, trainers experienced and certified in personal training have crafted these programs. However, we had no way to verify this claim, aside from checking to see that there were 6 programs available.

Display - On a simple LCD screen, you can track your workout stats such as your calories burned, speed, time, and distance traveled.

Speakers - There are no speakers on the H20T.

Fans - No fan is built into the H20T.

Heart Rate Monitoring - A thumb heart rate sensor is built into the console of the H20T. It can attempt to gauge your heart rate but it is not all that accurate, so it’s best that you use your own heart rate monitor.

Other Tech Features
  • No additional tech features

Build Quality - 4/10

H20T Review: Build Quality
  • Warranties - 90 days for parts, motor, and labor
  • Belt - 1-ply
  • Cushioning - ComfortCell™
  • Customer Support - Phone, email
  • Return Policy - 30-day trial

With only the very basic cushioning, you will likely want very comfortable shoes when using the H20T. If you do not have any feet or joint sensitivities, you may not notice the stiffness of the deck of the H20T.

If you are not satisfied with your H20T treadmill, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund. Your return will have a 10% restocking fee taken out unless there is a problem with the treadmill that prompted your return.

Bottom Line Review Of The HealthRider H20T Treadmill

Unless the H20T is on a sale taking the price under $400, then the H20T is not worth buying. It has very few features and is cheaply built for a treadmill listed at $1,079. If you are looking to spend around $1,000 on a treadmill, check out our best treadmills under $1,000 or the Horizon T101 or NordicTrack T 6.5 Si to find treadmills which are far superior to the H20T.

Best Place To Buy The HealthRider H20T Treadmill

Should you still be interested in buying the HealthRider H20T treadmill, then you should buy through HealthRider directly. Many third-party sellers have older versions of this treadmill available with inferior features than the ones we have described. To make sure you receive the latest treadmill, buy through HealthRider.

If you are a Canadian, then buying through Canadian Tire is likely to be your best option. The price is better than you will find on the HealthRider website. However, we do encourage our Canadian readers to either wait until the H20T goes on sale or just simply buy a better treadmill.