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Updated: September 15, 2023

Running treadmills are typically more expensive than walking treadmills, and if you aren’t sure that you want to run, it can be hard to justify the cost. Yet, if you go with a walking-only treadmill, will you get rid of any chance you have of running? The Horizon T202 treadmill is the perfect answer to this dilemma. First and foremost, it is best as a walking treadmill, but it has a large deck and a more powerful motor to give you the option of running occasionally. Did I mention that it is extremely reasonably priced? For well under a thousand dollars, the T202 can be yours. It is a great value. This Horizon T202 Treadmill review takes a closer look at this awesome value cardio machine to help you decide if it is right for you.

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Who The Horizon T202 Treadmill Is Best For:

  • The Pie in the Sky Runner: If running is something you think of doing but aren’t ready to commit to and aren’t sure if you will ever take up seriously, the T202 gives you the option of snagging some infrequent miles.
  • Budget Shoppers: The T202 represents one of the best-value treadmills on the market. It has a great construction and features at a budget price.
  • Runners Whose Backup Backup Backup Plan is the Treadmill: It’s storming everywhere in a hundred-mile radius, the gym and its indoor track are closed, and your family has forbidden you from doing laps around the dining table. It’s time for the T202.
  • Competitive Walkers: Maybe you are race walking or maybe you are trying to get the most steps in your accountability circle (take that, Mom!). The Horizon T202 is great for a step goal that strives for or surpasses 10k steps.

Pros And Cons Of The Horizon T202 Treadmill


  • The Horizon T202 has a 2.75 HP motor.
  • The deck measures 20” x 60”.
  • The price is incredibly affordable for such a powerful treadmill.
  • You can subscribe to any training platform you want or none at all!
  • The Horizon T202 has Featherlight (hydraulic-assisted) folding.
  • The maximum speed is 12 mph, and the maximum incline is 12%.


  • The speakers and fan are underpowered.
  • The treadmill does not feel sturdy while running at a high incline.
  • The motor may not be powerful enough for regular running.

Treadmill Review Of The Horizon T202

Build Quality


The Horizon T202 has a steel frame. The console is supported by two uprights and a crossbar for reinforcement. The footrails are textured and wide enough to support standing on either side of the deck. The handrails are supportive and long enough to provide stability for helping users on and off the treadmill.


The Horizon T202 has a powerful motor with a 2.75 HP rating. This strength of the motor should be suitable for walkers of all abilities. Runners may need a stronger motor. Our typical recommendation is around 3.0 HP or higher. The T202 is decent for beginning runners who are running very low mileage or running sporadically. The T202 could also supplement the training of a higher mileage runner who runs outside primarily. For instance, a runner who trains indoors only when the weather does not permit running outdoors may run on the treadmill once every one or two weeks. The T202 would be suitable for this type of use. Of course, the T202 would be great for sneaking in extra cardio and steps with regular walks in between those runs.

Horizon T101 Treadmill Motor Hood
The T202 has a 2.75 HP motor, perfect for committed walkers or occasional runners.

Running Surface

The Horizon T202 has a larger running surface than Horizon’s most affordable treadmill, the T101. The belt is textured and substantial enough to support a runner with a long stride. The deck measures 20” x 60”, which is what we commonly find on running treadmills. The deck has 3-zone variable cushioning designed to provide a softer impact toward the front of the treadmill where your foot makes contact initially. Then the deck gets firmer toward the back of the treadmill to provide a firm platform to push off for your next step. In the Horizon treadmills we have tested, we have not been able to notice this variation in cushioning. Instead, the deck feels fairly firm overall. This is not a negative, because using the treadmill will then translate better to running or walking outdoors.


The Horizon T202 uses a folding frame to save space. The deck’s lifting and lowering are assisted with a hydraulic arm. When the deck is released from its folded position, it will softly lower to the ground without further assistance. The treadmill weighs 187 lbs, so it is not the heaviest of treadmills but neither is it the lightest. Moving the T202 around is not something most users will want to do regularly, even though it does have two transport wheels. It is easier to move a treadmill of this size across a hard floor, only a short distance. But again, we recommend having a designated space for this treadmill and not planning to move it often.


The Horizon T202 has an incline range of 0 to 12%. It does not decline, so this is not the ideal treadmill for a walker or runner hoping to get in some downhill training. The incline range is standard for a home treadmill, but it is a little less common to find on a treadmill in this price range. For this reason, I would consider the incline range of the T202 quite the advantage. The one caveat we have for this treadmill is running at a high speed while inclined. The T101, the sister machine to the T202, shook considerably in this scenario. We expect a similar performance from the T202. Use caution and your best judgment. I never felt like the treadmill could break from running at a high speed on the incline, but I did not feel as supported as I would on a true running treadmill. If running on an incline is important to you, consider the Horizon 7.0 AT or Sole F63.

Horizon T101 Treadmill Walking + Incline 2
The Horizon T101 (pictured here) goes up to 10%, but the T202 inclines by an additional 2%.

Features & Accessories

Horizon has impressed me with its offering of extensive features at a budget price. The T202 continues this trend, providing plenty of support for training with its built-in content or with third-party content. The T202 has a quick startup, so you can jump on and get to your workout, or take the time to set up a more intentional workout program. The features support a variety of training modalities.

Console Overview

The T202 has a dated console, which may be a detractor for some treadmill shoppers. It does not have the sleek, minimal appearance that has become increasingly common in the home cardio equipment market. It has large, easy-to-read buttons and spacious storage compartments. If you are a more maximalist and low-tech user, the T202 has an approachable console for less tech-savvy users.

The T202 has an abundance of buttons, including quick adjust buttons for the speed and incline. Unfortunately, the full ranges of the speed and incline are not represented. However, the T202 has a secondary option for adjusting the speed and incline that I actually prefer (more on this later). There are buttons for the fan, changing the display, and setting the programs.

Horizon T101 Treadmill LED Windows + Display
The T202’s console is easy to navigate thanks to these buttons.


The Horizon T202 does not have a large touchscreen display such as you might find on midrange or high-end running treadmills. Fortunately, this saves you money and, in many ways, increases the treadmill’s versatility. The T202 has an LCD screen and three LED windows for viewing all of your metrics. These two viewing options ensure that you are able to track your progress whether you are using the built-in tablet racks or not.

The LCD screen has a blue background with white digital numbers. You can also see a 400-meter track, which helps visualize your progress during your workout. These displays are very basic, like those you might find on a gym treadmill. The LED windows are large and easy to read.

EasyDial Controls

As I mentioned, I prefer a different method of changing the speed and incline over the buttons. The T202 is equipped with EasyDial controls. These spinning dials feel natural as they roll forward or backward to increase or decrease the speed and incline. The incline adjusts by 0.5% while the speed adjusts by 0.1 mph. The benefit of these dials is that they make use of the T202’s fast speed and incline changes to keep up with third-party training content.

Horizon T101 Treadmill Incline Buttons + EKG + QuickDials
The EasyDial Controls as pictured on the Horizon T101.

Tablet Rack

How can a treadmill without a HD touchscreen display provide more training options than one that does? Well, the Horizon T202’s price stays low, leaving more room in your budget for training or entertainment streaming content. Thus, you can provide your own tablet or smartphone as a way to access this content. And unlike those fancy-schmancy treadmills, the T202 doesn’t lock you into one training platform. You can view any content you wish. The EasyDial makes keeping up with third-party training content a breeze, and the T202 has two tablet racks so you can find the right height for viewing your content. My only complaint with the tablet racks is that the width may not be the most conducive to supporting a device with a thick case or with a PopSocket (or other such attachment).


The T202 has a few audio features. First, there are front-facing built-in Bluetooth speakers. I have been a little underwhelmed by Horizon’s speaker quality. The speakers are comparable to simply playing the audio from your phone or tablet. If I wanted my music or other content to play louder, I would probably stash a Bluetooth speaker in one of the cup holders instead. The T202 also has an aux port with a wired audio connection. You may need to try both of these audio options to find which works best for you.

USB Charging

To complement using your phone or tablet with the T202, Horizon has included a USB port. You can easily keep your device charged while training.

Cup Holders

There are two spacious cup holders on the T202. Be careful storing items in these when you plan to train at high speeds. High impact (especially if you heel strike when running) can cause items to wobble in the cup holders.

Horizon T101 Treadmill Pocket + Speaker + Speed
The USB charging port, aux port, cup holder, and speakers on the T101 are almost identical to the T202.


The T202 is designed for walking primarily, as a part of Horizon’s Go Series. Dedicated runners may want to consider upgrading to a treadmill from Horizon’s Studio series which have more powerful motors and performance features for running. Yet, the T202 is a good compromise for a walker who may or may not eventually take up running and wants to keep the option open.

My time training on Horizon treadmills has indicated that the consoles are intuitive and easy for beginners to navigate. Unlike treadmills that have complicated onboard content, Go Series treadmills are ready to go shortly after turning on. Thus, you can walk or run as soon as the inspiration hits.

Training Options

The T202 has a few preset training programs. These include calorie, distance, fat burn, hill climb, and interval programs. The incline and speed will automatically adjust to preset levels. There is room for a little customization but not to the level some users may like to incorporate into their training.

The Horizon T202 really shines when used with third-party training content. The audio, tablet racks, and EasyDials have been designed to encourage this use. I appreciate the freedom the Horizon T202 offers, as it puts premium services like Peloton or iFIT within reach of budget shoppers by reducing the startup cost.

Bottom Line Review of the Horizon T202 Treadmill

The Horizon T202 is a hardy treadmill. It is backed by Horizon’s lifetime warranties on the frame and motor, so you can enjoy this treadmill for many miles. The T202 is best for walkers, but it can support light, infrequent running. It could be the first introduction to 5k training perhaps. The spacious running surface and 2.75 HP motor are great for the well-below $1000 price point. The T202 may not be the sturdiest for fast running at steep inclines, but it excels at low to moderate-intensity exercise. The built-in programs and simple console should feel approachable for new treadmill users.

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