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Rowing Machine Review

Last Updated: August 1, 2023

Whether you are a beginner rower who wants to learn more about the technique of rowing, or an advanced-level rower that wants a dedicated rowing machine, the Hydrow caters to all levels of rowers. While it is priced higher than others on the market, it also offers much more than other traditional rowing machines do. Some consider it the “Peloton” of rowing machines.

Here at Treadmill Reviews, we will cover everything from the specs to the subscription service and provide you with all the details you need to know before purchasing your Hydrow.

Let’s dive in!

Who The Hydrow Is Built For

Beginner Rowers

The Hydrow does an exceptional job of easing new rowers into the sport of rowing and improving fitness. Whether you have never sat on a rower, used a rower as part of another circuit workout or feel unsure how to use a rower as a workout, there are several ways that Hydrow will guide you through the entire process. Watch and practice instructional videos such as:

  • The fundamentals of How to Row
  • How to use Hydrow correctly and understand your stats.
  • Proper rowing form to engage muscles correctly and efficiently.
  • How to maximize power and speed using good technique.
  • How to clean and care for your equipment.

  • Advanced Rowers

    Athletes looking for a dedicated rowing machine will benefit from Hydrow for several reasons:

  • World-class coaching from National and Olympic-level coaches on the Hydrow subscription service can give more expertise and guide athletes through tough rowing-specific workouts.
  • The integrated online Hydrow community offers a variety of challenges, team-building, racing, and leaderboards to challenge yourself and train to bring strength, stamina, and speed to a new level.
  • Heart rate monitoring allows you to train in different metabolic pathways to increase your level of fitness.

  • Recovery

    After getting the OK from a doctor, rowing can be beneficial for those recovering from injuries for several reasons:

  • It provides very low impact on the lower body which can benefit those with joint pain or who are recovering from injury.
  • It is a versatile sport that can be modified for all fitness levels and still aid in cardiovascular activity, strength, flexibility, and stamina.

  • What We Love About This Machine

    While the pricing of the Hydrow is higher than other rowers on the market, it offers excellence to match its price point.

    Top-of-the-line tech features

    From the massive 22” high-definition touchscreen to the built-in speakers, Bluetooth accessibility, online community, and endless class options ranging from 5-45 minutes, the Hydrow is packed with the latest tech.

    High build quality

    The build of the Hydrow is sturdy and sleek. Its aluminum and steel frame is engineered by a team of experts with a lifetime of experience in the sport, so you can be sure it is built with proper form in mind.

    Quiet Ride

    Patented electromagnetic and computer-controlled drag makes the Hydrow an extremely quiet and smooth ride. This is a huge benefit compared to other rowers on the market, especially if you will be putting this rower in your home.

    Row for a cause

    Once you have been active for 60 days, Hydrow donates to water.org, a charity that has empowered more than 33 million people with access to safe water or sanitation. Now you can donate to charity just by getting a sweat on.

    Overall, we are impressed with this rowing machine and we think our readers will enjoy using the Hydrow for years to come.

    Limitations and Things to Consider Before Purchasing The Hydrow

    There are a few features that you’ll want to take into consideration before purchasing this rower because of its uniqueness and price point.

    Just Row

    Because this rower is designed for a fully immersive rowing experience, the majority of what you will find are instructor-led classes. We hope that Hydrow will allow an easy option to “Just Row” in order to be able to quickly get on, press start, and start a workout allowing rowers to use the rower as part of an interval or circuit-type training workout without being led by an instructor. However, it is important to note that Hydrow subscription does include a small “Journeys” section which allows users to ride in scenic waters without being led by a coach. Additionally, before creating a subscription, it allows you to Just Row without the ability to save workouts or additional information about your previous rows.

    Weight Of Machine

    The Hydrow is heavier than other rowers on the market. While most weigh in around 70lbs, the Hydrow is weighs in at 145 lbs, which makes it more difficult to maneuver than other traditional rowers. However, if you plan to leave your rower in one place for your dedicated rowing workouts, this won’t be a problem for you. Plus, a heavier machine means more stability for even your most intense workouts.

    Wifi and power connection

    The Hydrow must be plugged in and connected to Wifi in order to access the monitor and online classes. If you are looking for a machine to throw in a truck or use outside, this may not be the machine for you.

    Price Of The Hydrow

    This one-of-a-kind rower is priced around $2500 which initially seems high when compared to other traditional rowers. However, a comparable price to other high-end tech machines, such as Peloton, are listed around $2499.

    This price includes a free heart rate monitor and free shipping. It does not include the mandatory monthly subscription of $38/month for all-access membership to live and on-demand classes.

    Hydrow Model Overview

    Footprint: 86″ long by 25″ wide when unboxed and assembled.
    Height: 47” (floor to top of screen). Seat height is 16.5"
    Weight: Approximately 145 lbs
    Shipping Weight: Shipped in a box which measures 91" x 33" x 18" and weighs 197 lbs.
    Height capacity: Users with 36” inseam
    Weight Capacity: 375lbs
    Warranty: 1 Year home use warranty included
    Storage: This machine can be stored in an upright position with the use of the Upright Storage Kit, which can be purchased separately.
    Resistance: the “drag” setting changes the level of resistance of the pull as desired.

    The footprint and storage of the Hydrow is comparable to other rowers on the market. Upright storage will require an additional kit that is not included, and we would recommend purchasing one if you plan to store it upright. Even with as heavy as the rower is, it still feels unstable while in the upright position.

    Even though the machine is heavier than other rowers, we are pleased with the height and weight capacities because it allows a large range of rowers to enjoy the Hydrow including those recovering from injury or taller/larger rowers.

    Finally, by default, the Hydrow’s drag (amount of resistance) is set at a specific number that allows users to feel water-like resistance and the company suggests users do not change the drag to increase intensity of their workout, but rather learn proper form and technique in order to increase power output.

    Features & Accessories

    Screen: 22 inch HD, adjustable touchscreen monitor adjusts by tilting up to 30° up and down to find the best viewing angle for your height. It can also pivot 50° left or right to allow for side visibility
    Power: Must be plugged in to operate
    Wifi: Required
    Bluetooth: Yes, but no capability for outside sources such as Netflix or Pandora.
    Subscription Required: Yes
    Speakers: Yes
    Fan: No
    USB Port: No
    HDMI Port: No
    Ethernet Port: Yes
    Cup Holders: No
    Tablet holder: No
    Built-in workouts: Yes
    Apple Health Compatible: No

    Tech Specs/Subscription Service

    Hydrow offers two different subscription services. The Standard subscription is intended for those who have purchased the machine, and the Digital Basic subscription is for those who have not.

    The Standard Subscription

    Cost: $38/mo.

    It allows multiple users in the same household to access the majority of what the machine has to offer, including classes, personal data collection, team racing, and leaderboards. Without the purchase, users will only be able to row, but will not be able to access classes or store personal data.

    Class Varieties:
  • Instructor-led classes, live and on demand.
  • Proper technique and form
  • Getting the most out of workouts with efficiency.
  • Scenic routes (no instructors)

  • The Digital Basic Subscription

    Cost: $19/mo
    Description: App-Only subscription that allows users to view live & on Demand content on your iOS device only. It only allows for 1 user, as opposed to the Standard subscription that allows multiple users to row. This subscription cannot be used to activate a Hydrow rower.

    Bottom Line Review

    We think that the Hydrow creates a refreshing spin on the rowing experience. It’s high-tech features and modern design separates it from other rowers on the market. Whether you are looking to row as a low-impact alternative to running or you are an advanced rower looking for a dedicated rowing machine for your training needs, this rower has it all.

    While it is listed a bit higher in price than other rowers, its crisp, 22-inch touchscreen with hundreds of coach-led workouts make for what could be a monotonous workout into an interactive, immersive, and heart-pumping experience.