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Updated: August 7, 2023

The TR1200 is LifeSpan’s most popular under-desk treadmill, and we can see why. It has a recommended usage limit of 6 hours per day, a 2.25 continuous horsepower motor, and a spacious walking deck. It has a durable construction that can support a user weight of up to 350 lbs. The TR1200 has a console that you can sit right on your desk to easily view your metrics and control the treadmill settings. Standing may or may not be better than sitting, but walking is certainly better than both. The TR1200 adds more movement to your day.

Who The LifeSpan TR1200 Under Desk Treadmill Is Best For:

  • Work From Home Walkers: The LifeSpan TR1200 is perfect for shaking up your at-home workspace. Replace all those steps you lose by not having to saunter off to meetings, the breakroom, or to run office errands.
  • The Overscheduled: Between work, family, friends, eating, and resting, who has time for exercise? The TR1200 helps you get low-intensity exercise done at work.
  • Teams of Coworkers: You don’t have to spend all six hours walking yourself. The TR1200 can be shared among small teams of coworkers to some physical activity to everyone’s routine!
  • Step Goal Achievers: 5,000! 10,000! 20,000! However many steps you want to take, they are calling your name. The LifeSpan TR1200 helps you reach that goal.

Pros And Cons Of The LifeSpan TR1200 Under Desk Treadmill


  • The TR1200 has a 2.25 HP motor with a recommended daily use rating of 6 hours.
  • IntelliStep keeps track of each step you take.
  • The treadmills stop if you leave the deck for more than 20 seconds with a feature called IntelliGuard.
  • The walking surface is a very spacious 20 by 50 inches.
  • The side rails are aluminum and textured so you can stand on them securely.
  • The TR1200 has two transport wheels to assist with relocation.


  • The TR1200 cannot be stored upright, on its side, or folded, limiting storage options.
  • The treadmill is 114 lbs which may prove difficult for some users to maneuver around their offices.

Treadmill Review Of The LifeSpan TR1200

Build Quality


The LifeSpan TR1200 has a sturdy frame that can support a user weight of up to 350 lbs. The footrails are aluminum and textured with plenty of room for to stand when you need to rest. The TR1200 has a larger footprint than you may find on more affordable under-desk treadmills. This is advantageous for creating a durable and strong build but may be less conducive to small spaces.


The motor is a 2.25 horsepower motor. It is powerful enough to handle 6 hours per day of use. This is plenty of time for one dedicated user to enliven their workday or for multiple users to share an office under-desk treadmill for an hour or so. No one in the office will be disturbed by the motor noise, because it is very quiet. To keep it this way, be sure to follow LifeSpan’s suggested maintenance routine and proper usage recommendations.

Walking Surface

The large 20” x 50” running surface is textured and double-ply to create the best user experience. Even if you take a break from working to walk at the 4 mph maximum, you should have plenty of room to stretch out your stride. The TR1200 reduces the tripping hazard of under-desk treadmills by having such a large walking surface.


The TR1200 is not a folding treadmill. It must be stored horizontally. We wish the TR1200 could be stored upright or on its side as it takes up quite a bit of space. Unfortunately, the motor and belt can be damaged by improper storage. Lubricant from the belt can leak down into the motor, and the belt can shift from its centered position.

The TR1200 does have two transport wheels for relocating the treadmill. Still, it is a bit cumbersome of a machine. It may not be the easiest for all users to transport between rooms. It weighs 114 lbs. If you can keep the treadmill stored nearby when you are not using it, you will have a much better experience than if it is far away.

Features & Accessories

The TR1200 has the right features to create an ideal under-desk treadmill. The TR1200 has two compatible console options, though, at the time of writing this review, only one is in stock. Either of these console options sits right on top of your desk, so you can have easy access to the treadmill settings and view your metrics. The TR1200 minimizes distractions and makes your training count with its range of features.

Console Overview

I tested the TR1200 with the Omni-Hub console, but I previously used the other option, the Retrohub with the TR5000. Either of these displays are simple and convenient. They allow you to view your metrics and make changes to the treadmill’s speed. The Retrohub has an LED window with large buttons, while the Omni-Hub is a little more sleek with an LCD screen. It has small buttons, but is almost equally as intuitive. The treadmill’s settings are automatically set to create a beeping noise whenever the treadmill is adjusted or adjusts automatically. I recommend turning these off right away if you are walking on the TR1200 around others. To do so, navigate to the user settings menu via the process described in the user manual (it varies depending on the model you purchase). Otherwise, the console is fantastic and can be used to further personalize your training experience.


The LCD screen of the Omni-Hub shows multiple of your user metrics simultaneously, so, at a quick glance, you get a great overview of your training. You can see the treadmill speed, your total distance, calories burned, and your step total. The Omni-Hub is an excellent choice for the use who doesn’t have a lot of desk space to give, as it has a smaller footprint than the Retrohub.


Intellistep tracks the number of steps you take on the TR1200 deck. It was very accurate for me and compared well to my Garmin watch. When I watched the screen count my steps up, they seemed to mostly be in sync.


IntelliGuard senses whether a user is on or off the deck. When this feature is engaged, it stops the treadmill after 20 seconds with no user detected. The belt even stopped while I was standing on the side rails but not as reliably as when I was completely off the treadmill. You can shut this feature off in the personal settings if you want to avoid it. When the beeping feature is kept on, the treadmill will beep three times to alert you that the deck is coming to a stop.


The TR1200 has Bluetooth connectivity. It only functions to connect the treadmill console to the LifeSpan Club app, available from the Apple or Android app stores. The app stores your activity and gives you a secondary console option (viewing your metrics).


The LifeSpan TR1200 is an effective under-desk treadmill. It has a very stable deck, creating a smooth walking workout. Most users will find themselves using the treadmill at a walking speed of 2 mph or less, as this is easier to accomplish while working at a desk. Walking at the maximum speed is fine. There is plenty of room, but I found it difficult to keep up with my work when the treadmill was moving so quickly. This speed range is great for users who may want to incorporate harder walking workouts into their routines without purchasing another treadmill.

I am all too happy to use the TR1200, but I am not excited to transport it. It is heavier than I would like an under-desk treadmill to be. It makes me a little worried I am disturbing others when I move such a large machine around. Whether the TR1200 is appropriate for a group office setting may depend on how onboard with treadmills the rest of the team is. The TR1200 is very quiet and stealthy when it is in use, which I love. Its biggest hurdle is moving it around.

The TR1200 feels much sturdier than the more affordable under-desk treadmills you may find on the market. I like LifeSpan’s treadmills for prolonged walking, whether you are committed to an intense walking routine on your own or plan to share the treadmill with other users. The TR1200 is a heavy-duty treadmill only outdone by LifeSpan’s TR5000 Under-Desk Treadmill.

Bottom Line Review of the LifeSpan TR1200 Under Desk Treadmill

The LifeSpan TR1200 is a sturdy and durable under-desk treadmill. It is suitable for up to 6 hours of use per day. It can be reserved for solo use or shared among a team of coworkers. It is a bit heavy to transport and lacks the versatile storage of other under-desk walking treadmills. Yet, the TR1200 makes up for it with step-counting, a spacious walking surface, a high weight capacity, and safety features. The LifeSpan TR1200 pairs with LifeSpan’s app to keep track of your training progress and has a corded console that can sit right on your desk. The TR1200 is for anyone trying to incorporate more exercise into their daily routine.

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