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Treadmill Review

The LifeSpan TR3000i treadmill is an adequate treadmill for its price. It has a good weight capacity and a strong build, even though quite a bit of it is molded plastic. However, some of the TR3000i treadmill specs are underwhelming, especially when compared to the best treadmills under $1,500. Before you choose to buy the TR3000i, you should take some time to review similarly priced treadmills to ensure you have the right treadmill for you.


The LifeSpan TR3000i costs $1,299.

The TR3000i Is Built For Users who:

  • Need a high weight capacity treadmill - A user who weighs up to 350 lbs can use this treadmill, which is better than the standard 300 lbs.
  • Are under 6’2” tall - Our testers have found that decks which measure under 60” in length can be confining, especially when using incline features. The treadmill belt on the TR3000i only measures 56” long.
  • Will only walk or jog - While the build quality of TR3000i is good, the motor of this treadmill means it is up to only walkers and joggers.

Why The TR3000i earned 3.9 stars

Treadmill Reviews found the TR3000i to be a good quality treadmill, though a little below the standard of the best treadmills under $1,500.  

  • Good build quality - Thick, molded plastic makes up much of the TR3000i, as well as sturdy metal. You won’t have to feel uncomfortable when using this treadmill, as it feels highly durable.
  • Some specs underpowered - With a small motor, undersized treadmill belt, some incline lacking, and other issues causes the TR3000i to lose points as we ranked it.
  • Easy use console - The console on the TR3000i is simply laid out so users can easily navigate the treadmill functions.

Main Specs - 7/10

Specs “Quick Review”:

  • Motor Size: 2.75 CHP
  • Running Area: 20” W x 56” L
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Folding: Yes
  • Footprint In Use (W, L, H): 33” x 71” x 56”
  • Footprint Folded (W, L, H): 33” x 42” x 67”
  • Incline Range: 0-15%
  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Treadmill Best For: Walkers, Joggers
  • Electrical Requirements: 115 volts

Motor Size - The motor in this treadmill is 2.75 CHP. This is very small compared to other treadmills in the TR3000i price range, which are generally 3.5 CHP or more.

Running Area - The running treadmill belt measures 56” long and 20” wide. For a treadmill of this price, the length is a bit short, as is the width. The best have measurements of 22” wide and 60” long.

Weight Capacity - With the ability to hold a user weighing up to 350 lbs, this treadmill is more accessible than other, lower capacity treadmills.  

Folding  - Able to fold up easily, the TR3000i has an easy latch system which works simply by raising the deck high enough to engage the latch. Depressing the latch will allow this treadmill to lower, hands-free.

Space / Footprint -  When in the folded position, the TR3000i measures 33” wide, 42” long, and 67” high. For such a high weight capacity treadmill, it is fairly slim. As the treadmill is in use, it measures 33” wide, 71” long, and 56” high.   

Max Speed - The treadmill’s max speed is 12 MPH. This is the standard speed on most treadmills of good quality.

Incline - This treadmill has an incline range of 0-15%, which is fairly standard. However, some of the better treadmills can also decline, which the TR3000i cannot do.

Features - 8/10

Features “Quick Review”

    • Display: 6” backlit blue
    • PreInstalled Workout Apps: 21
    • Speakers: Yes
    • Fans: Yes
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact grips, chest strap compatible
    • USB port: Yes
    • Audio Jack: Yes
    • Water bottle cubbies: Yes
    • Device holder: Yes

Workout Apps - You can choose from 21 different workout programs. There are 2 user programs you can customize, 2 heart rate programs, 5 healthy living programs, 7 sports training, and 5 weight management programs.   

Display - The 6” backlit blue display allows you to track your workout information, such as your calories, time, distance, incline level, steps, speed, and heart rate. It will also show your exercise programs name, your user profile, and any USB data you choose to import.

Speakers - Surrounding the display are the speakers on the TR3000i. The sound quality is decent through the audio jack, but the sound becomes fuzzy at higher volume levels.

Fans - Pointed towards your core, the fan on the TR3000i can be adjusted to 3 different speeds.

Heart Rate Monitoring - While the TR3000i is compatible with wireless heart rate monitoring chest straps, purchase of this treadmill does not include the chest strap. You will only have contact grips, which are not very accurate.

Other Tech Features
  • USB port for charging and unloading LifeSpan Club account
  • Handlebar buttons for quick changing of speed and incline
  • LifeSpan Active Trac app sync

Build Quality - 8/10

TR3000i Review: Build Quality

  • Warranties - 1-year labor, 5-year parts, lifetime motor & frame
  • Belt - 2-ply
  • Roller Size - 2.5” front, 2” rear
  • Cushioning - 8 compression shocks
  • Customer Support - Email, live chat, phone
  • Return Policy - 30-day return period

Spaced along the treadmill deck, there are 8 independent compression shocks. This helps cushion your footfalls as you use the TR3000i. However, it is not soft, per se. While it is less hard than concrete and asphalt, it may not be the best choice for those suffering from joint issues or injuries.

The standard 30-day trial period applies to LifeSpan treadmills. You need to be authorized to return the TR3000i and it will need to be packaged in its original packaging. A rather hefty 15% restocking fee will be taken out of your refund, and the delivery and any installation fees will not be refunded. If there is a defect or damage on receiving the TR3000i, you will not be charged the restocking fee.  

Bottom Line Review Of The LifeSpan TR3000i Treadmill

While the TR3000i is a good treadmill, it is still outdone by other treadmills in its price range.

  • NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has a 3.8 CHP motor and web-enabled touchscreen. The TR3000i only has a 2.75 CHP and an LCD screen.
  • ProForm Pro 2000 has a treadmill belt measuring 22” wide by 60” long, and 32 exercise programs. The TR3000i has only a 20” wide by 56” long treadmill belt and 21 exercise programs.
  • SOLE F80 comes with a heart rate monitoring wireless chest strap and can accommodate a user weighing up to 375 lbs. The TR3000i can sync with a chest strap but does not come with one, and will only accommodate a user up to 350 lbs.
So, while the TR3000i is a good machine, you may want to look at similarly priced treadmills to ensure you have the right one for your needs.  

Best Place To Buy The LifeSpan TR3000i Treadmill

There are many outdated models of the TR3000i treadmill being marketed to buyers. If you want the newest, non-refurbished model, you should work with LifeSpan to purchase the TR3000i. They will ensure the right treadmill reaches you and that the warranty will be upheld.

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