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Treadmill Review

The NordicTrack Commercial X32i Incline Trainer is an impressive incline trainer that has been designed to put up with everything from casual exercisers and intense training. Latest in the NordicTrack Incline Trainer line, the X32i has standout features such as a 32” touchscreen as a display, 50 built-in workout programs, a free year of iFit Coach (when bought through NordicTrack) and other features.

While it is a bit pricey at this time, coming in at $4,299, the X32i is a good investment in your health and fitness.


As a brand-new treadmill release, the Commercial X32i Incline Trainer is priced at $4,299.

The Commercial X32i Is Built For Users who:

  • Want more engaging workouts - Not only does iFit Coach bring thousands of workout programs to the X32i, but this incline trainer comes with 50 built-in exercise programs.
  • Prefer a high amount of cushioning - Whether you have struggled with injuries or just want a more flexible deck, the X32i can provide you will a highly-cushioned workout.
  • Have plenty of space - Like other incline trainers from NordicTrack, you will need plenty of room to place this top-of-the-line machine.

Why The Commercial X32i earned 5 out of 5 stars

While the pricing of the Commercial X32i is relatively high, it offers excellence to match its price point.

  • High build quality - From the sturdy sled grips and push bar to the steel frame, the X32i is a high-quality treadmill that’s built for heavy usage.
  • Top of the line features - From the massive 32” high-definition touchscreen to the Bluetooth speakers, the X32i is packed with the latest tech.
  • Excellent warranty coverage - Most people would consider themselves lucky for a 3-year parts warranty, while the X32i provides a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, with a 6-year parts and electronics warranty, and a 3-year labor warranty.

Overall, here at Treadmill Reviews, we were impressed with this latest example of NordicTrack’s Incline Trainers, and we think our readers will enjoy using the X32i for years to come.

Main Specs - 10/10

Specs “Quick Review”:

  • Motor Size: 4.25 CHP
  • Running Area: 22” W x 65” L
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Folding: No
  • Footprint In Use (W, L, H): 39.6” x 70.2” x 71.6”
  • Incline Range: -6% to 40%
  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Treadmill Best For: Walker, Joggers, Runners
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V

Motor Size - In the X32i, there is a 4.25 CHP DurX™ commercial plus motor. This motor has an even hum which can be easily drowned out with whatever audio media you are listening to when working out. The action is smooth, and it can move you quickly through the various incline levels.

Running Area - A generous running area is available on the Commercial X32i, as it measures 65” long and 22” wide.

Weight Capacity - The max weight capacity of the X32i is 300 lbs. If you are close to this threshold, whether above or below it, we recommend caution. Also, you may want to consider a SOLE treadmill, many of which can accommodate users over 300 lbs.

Folding  - There is no folding capacity on this treadmill.

Space / Footprint -  Make sure you have enough floor space for this treadmill because it will take up a good deal of floor space. The measurements of the X32i are 39.6” wide, 70.2” long, and 71.6” tall. Also, when you are using the higher incline levels, be sure your incline trainer is not in a low ceiling room, as you may come uncomfortably close to the ceiling.

Max Speed - The max speed of this treadmill is 12 MPH. With the excellent cushioning and flexibility of the X32i, your joints are better protected when going at the highest pounding speeds.

Incline - Like the other incline trainers, the X32i can decline to -6% and incline up to 40%. This range allows you to challenge yourself more and burn calories faster as you up the incline level you are working out at.

Features - 10/10

Features “Quick Review”

  • Display: 32” HD Smart touchscreen
  • PreInstalled Workout Apps: 50
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Fans: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Chest strap
  • USB port: No
  • Audio Jack: Yes
  • Water bottle cubbies: Yes
  • Device holder: No

Workout Apps - Choose from 50 different workout programs, ranging from heart rate training to calorie burning. NordicTrack lays out their exercise programs in three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advance, so you can progress through the various tiers and continue to improve.

You also have access to iFit Coach for a year for free, which gives you access to thousands of workout programs, many of which are led by personal trainers and shot in beautiful locations around the world.

Display - The display on the Commercial X32i is currently the largest of all NordicTrack’s touchscreen, a whopping 32” of smart, high-definition quality. It makes iFit Coach even more immersive as you follow personal trainers on the huge screen.

Also, you may have noticed a little camera embedded in the top of the Commercial X32i console. According to a NordicTrack rep we spoke to, the camera in the console is currently inactive, but NordicTrack is hoping to set up a system where you can connect with an iFit Coach personal trainer in real-time in the future. You should be able to opt out of this update which will make your camera active, so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

Speakers - There are two different ways you can utilize the dual, 3” speakers on the X32i, either by using the audio jack or by using the Bluetooth sync ability to connect your Bluetooth-enabled device. The sound quality is excellent, and the sound quality stays consistent even as you increase the volume.  

Fans - At the base of the X32i console, the dual AutoBreeze™ has multiple speeds you can choose from to help you stay cool. Or you can allow the fans to switch speeds automatically to match the intensity of your workout.

Heart Rate Monitoring - With your purchase of the Commercial X32i, you will receive an iFit Bluetooth adjustable chest strap, which will allow you to track your heart rate accurately as you workout.

Other Tech Features
  • Free year iFit Coach membership
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Emergency stop key

Build Quality - 10/10

X32i Review: Build Quality

  • Warranties - Lifetime motor and frame, 6-year electronics and parts, 3-year labor
  • Belt - Commercial tread belt
  • Roller Size - 2.5” precision and balanced non-flex rollers
  • Cushioning - Reflex™ Cushioning
  • Customer Support - Live chat, phone, email
  • Return Policy - 30-day return period

There are several unique build features which come with the X32i incline trainer. Going from the top, you have the sled grips and push bar. These aren’t just something for you to rest on as you workout; instead, you can set the speed of the X32i to just 1 MPH and use it like it is a manual treadmill. Other treadmills can be burned out by doing this, but the X32i is designed so you can alternate between automatic speeds and manual pushing for increased cardio difficulty.

To make the positioning of the sled grips and push bar work for users of various heights, the console is significantly lower than other NordicTrack Incline Trainers. This position isn’t as much as a problem as you might think, as the uprights are also further back, most likely to accommodate the lower height.

The Commercial X32i also has a reinforced steel frame to match the commercial-style sturdiness of this new incline trainer. With the heavy-duty frame, the X32i can handle multiple daily users and high-intensity workouts. Also, the cushioning on the Commercial X32i is excellent, and our testers who are more sensitive to hard surface running found this incline trainer comfortable to workout on.

NordicTrack offers a 30-day trial period on all their machines to help you decide if it’s the right one for you. If your X32i isn’t quite what you wanted, you can contact their customer support to set up a return. There will be a 10% restocking fee if you choose to return your incline trainer. For a defective machine, NordicTrack will offer you either a full refund or a replacement Commercial X32i.

Bottom Line Review Of The NordicTrack Commercial X32i

The Commercial X32i Incline Trainer is an excellent example of the NordicTrack treadmill line, showcasing the innovation, high-quality, and engaging features which NordicTrack equipment is known for producing. However, the price of the Commercial X32i can be a significant barrier, though we expect it will lower as the year progresses and it is no longer brand-new.

Overall, if the price isn’t a barrier for you, the X32i is an excellent investment in your future health and fitness.

Best Place To Buy The NordicTrack Commercial X32i

If you want the free year iFit Coach membership and the right incline trainer model, you will need to buy the X32i through NordicTrack directly. Also, by buying through the manufacturer directly, you can more easily register your warranty with NordicTrack and keep your investment protected.