ProFrom Exercise Bike Reviews 2020

ProForm has long created home exercise equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals. They’ve earned themselves a good reputation in the home fitness market. Customer service is typically very easy to access and work with. Their equipment comes paired with reasonable warranties and they create equipment that fits within multiple household budgets so that anyone can bring home a piece of their home fitness equipment. Our full list of ProForm exercise bike reviews goes in-depth on each machine.

In recent years, ProForm has started moving away from traditional LCD displays and standard onboard workout programs. They are now including HD touchscreen displays with most of their equipment for accessing a subscription-based workout program called iFit Coach. The equipment they are still producing with LCD displays are set up to connect to iFit Coach via Bluetooth so you can still access this subscription service from your treadmill, bike or elliptical.

Warranty coverage ranges for each product. Low-cost bikes typically have a lifetime warranty for the frame, 3-year warranty for parts, and a 1-year warranty for labor. More expensive models carry lifetime warranties for the frame, 5-year coverage for parts, and 2 years for labor. This length of warranty coverage is found in only a few manufacturers, including ProForm, and is some of the highest warranty coverage you can find for home exercise equipment. It really speaks to ProForm’s confidence in its products.

Find out where ProForm ranks compared to other popular home exercise bikes by checking out our list of best exercise bikes.

ProForm Exercise Bike Product Line Summary

ProForm has created exercise bikes for every type of rider. Whether you’re looking for an exercise bike that resembles your outdoor road bike or you need more support with a recumbent seat, you can find multiple options in ProForm’s line up.

ProForm Studio Series

Currently, the ProForm studio series consists of one bike — the ProForm Studio Bike Pro. This is a low-cost subscription-based home spin bike. Bikes similar to this from other manufacturers cost nearly twice as much. The Studio Bike Pro is significantly less because it’s a minimally designed bike. It has a smaller display screen than competitors but truly offers a very similar experience. Read the complete review of the ProForm Studio Bike Pro to really understand how we feel about it.

ProForm Tour De France Road Series

ProForm came out with the TDF series quite a few years ago and has continually worked to improve the design and overall function of this indoor spin bike. One element to the TDF that we really like is the rear positioning of the flywheel. Moving the flywheel to the back of the bike gets it out of the way of dripping sweat and moisture that can quickly lead to corrosion. Another great design element to the TDF series is the V-shaped engineering. This allows for a wider range of users to adjust the bike and fit comfortably on it. As the seat and handrails are raised, the bike automatically allows for more space between the seat post and handlebars, accommodating the reach of a taller user. Read more about the TDF and TDF Pro by checking out their individual reviews below.

ProForm E Series

ProForm has a very limited selection of recumbent and upright bikes. Typically, these bikes are ideal for riders who need more back support but still enjoy the low-impact cardio from cycling. The recumbent 440ES has a very comfortable and breathable backrest paired with a large cushioned seat. The 8.0EX places the rider above the crank and pedals but still offers a more back-friendly sitting position with less reaching for the handlebars. Learn more about the E Series by reading the individual reviews for these two bikes.

ProForm Hybrid Series

The ProForm Hybrid Series is unique and probably not what most shoppers are looking for. BUT for a specific group of people, this can be an ideal situation. Ultimately, the hybrid series seeks to combine two very low impact cardio exercises —- the stationary recumbent bike and the elliptical. You can alternate between these two movements to target different muscle groups but always fall back on the back support of the recumbent seating.

Common Features On ProForm Bikes

ProForm Studio Bike and TDF Series

  • Seats and pedals are compatible with standard road bike components
  • These bikes most closely resemble a road bike for indoor training
  • Lengthy warranties
  • iFit Coach integration
  • Heavy flywheels and silent magnetic resistance

ProForm E Series

  • LCD display with iFit Bluetooth integration capability
  • Better back support
  • Large cushioned seats
  • Multiple points for adjusting
  • HR monitoring on stationary handles
  • Tablet holder
  • Pedals with adjustable foot strap

ProForm Hybrid Series

  • Large elliptical-style pedals
  • Moving and stationary elliptical handlebars
  • Large cushioned seat and back support
  • Adjustable seating
  • Tablet holder
  • iFit accessible via Bluetooth and mobile device

Is A ProForm Bike Right For You?

When you’re shopping for a home exercise bike, first know your requirements for a home cardio machine.

  • What’s your price range? Before even getting started, determine what you can afford and look at the equipment in that price range. It’s easy to see something with all the bells and whistles and talk yourself into taking the financial leap when maybe you shouldn’t. However, if the items in your price range seem cheap and unreliable, it’s worth saving up a little longer to get a bike you’re more excited about.
  • Always consider the user weight capacity. If you or other people in your household need something with a higher weight capacity, be sure you’re considering exercise bikes that meet that need.
  • How much floor space can you spare? Determine where you’ll be storing and using your exercise bike to make sure you find a machine that fits your space.

Our Ruling On ProForm Exercise Bikes

ProForm offers a great alternative to expensive home exercise bikes (the Studio Bike Pro) that offer as much entertainment value as a high-end bike — which they also have (the TDF series). With iFit Coach integration, you can access a huge library of really great workout videos and we’re confident this makes any cardio machine something you’ll never get bored with. If you can stay engaged in your workout, the time will fly by, you’ll enjoy yourself, and you’re more likely to use the equipment you’ve invested in! Paired with a great workout program, a majority of the ProForm exercise bikes are built well and feel very sturdy in use.