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Updated: December 14, 2023

I’m no stranger to not wanting to head outside for a walk or run when it’s super cold and snowy or blazing hot and humid. What’s worse is if your legs are aching and not feeling up for the run, but that’s where the ProForm Pro 2000’s soft cushioning comes in handy. The iFIT classes take place in mild and beautiful places, so you can virtually hit the trails whenever you want. The Pro 2000 is a folding treadmill with a great motor, spacious running deck, and nice performance features.

Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill Review 2024
The Pro 2000 is suitable for walking and running with a 12 mph max speed and -3% to 12% incline.
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Who The ProForm Pro 2000 Is Best For:

  • Rainy Day Runners: Take a break from the outdoors with the Pro 2000. It supports all of your training with soft cushioning for easy runs, fast adjustments for intervals, and content for long runs.
  • High-tech Walkers: The Pro 2000 is a great treadmill to share among a whole family of walkers. You can create up to 5 iFIT profiles to track you and your family’s progress.
  • iFIT subscribers: iFIT offers thousands of classes for training on and off the treadmill. Whether you are a new iFIT subscriber or a long-time subscriber, the Pro 2000 is a great option to connect with the content.
  • Exercisers in Need of Recovery: The soft cushioning is easier on your body than the roads and sidewalks. The Pro 2000 helps you reach your mileage goals gently.

Pros And Cons Of The ProForm Pro 2000


  • The cushioning is noticeably softer than running or walking on the road or sidewalk.
  • The ActivePulse technology adjusts the treadmill speed to help you reach the right heart rate zone.
  • The 10” touchscreen display gives you access to the virtual training world of iFIT.
  • The Pro 2000 has an incline range of -3% to 12%.
  • There are thousands of iFIT classes and limitless Google Maps routes.


  • The Pro 2000’s incline motor is not the quietest when adjusting.
  • The screen only shows iFIT content, so your experience is best with an active subscription.

Treadmill Review Of The ProForm Pro 2000

Build Quality

One of the top questions we get on treadmills is: can you run on it? For the Pro 2000, the answer is yes. This treadmill was constructed to support all of your training. While it has a bit of a dated appearance compared to the sleek, streamlined profiles other treadmills have adopted, the Pro 2000 is very functional.

Proform Pro 2000 profile decline
This is a profile view of the treadmill declined to -3%.


The frame is steel and sturdy. The uprights are thick but are not reinforced with a crossbar. A crossbar would have added a little more stability to this design to minimize console shake, but I’m content without it. The uprights angle in the opposite direction compared to many other treadmills, and this appears to balance the treadmill very well.

Proform Pro 2000 incline
With the treadmill elevated, you can more clearly see the stabilizers underneath the deck.

ProForm only reports the shipped weight of the Pro 2000, which is 262 lbs. While we don’t have a way to weigh a treadmill, I would guess that it is over 200 lbs. The maximum user weight is 300 lbs, which is the industry standard.

The handles and footrails are very sturdy even though they are plastic. I felt supported getting on and off the treadmill.


One of the reasons that this treadmill is a running treadmill is the motor size. Horsepower doesn't tell the full story of a motor’s performance, but we are confident in the Pro 2000’s 3.25 CHP motor. We recommend this treadmill for low to moderate running mileage performed by one runner or split among multiple users. Because the force of walking is lower, the Pro 2000 should handle most households’ walking use.

The motor noise isn’t overly loud; however, the incline motor can be. Fortunately, you only hear it when the treadmill is making adjustments. The adjustments are pretty fast. iFIT automatically adjusts the speed (0 to 12 mph) and the incline, and they feel timely enough. Certainly, the ProForm 2000 is faster than the Sole F80 at adjusting.

Running Surface

The cushioning is a standout feature on the Pro 2000. I’ve walked and run on the Pro 2000 quite a bit. When I first started using it, I was directly comparing it to the NordicTrack treadmills, which are softer. It wasn’t until my recent runs on the Pro 2000 that I really noticed how well-cushioned this treadmill is. I’ve been racking up a lot of road running mileage, and my legs could use a break. The Pro 2000 gave me just what I needed. It was much gentler than running or walking outside.

Proform Pro 2000 Running feet
I’m nowhere near running out of room to run. If I had to guess, I’m running at 7 mph here.

The deck is 20” x 60”. I had plenty of room to stretch out my stride. I hit my foot on the motor hood when I got too close to the console, and there was plenty of room for me to back off from running so close to it. Your ideal running positioning may be different from mine depending on your stride, but most runners should have plenty of room to run as fast as they desire. Walkers need not worry–there’s plenty of room to walk comfortably.

Proform Pro 2000 wheels
The dreaded motor hood! No worries if you hit it, you will roll smoothly off of it without tripping up.

The deck has a step-up height of about 9.5”. I like to recommend treadmills with 7-8” decks for exercisers with mobility restrictions. Yet, over 10” is what I would consider a high treadmill deck. The Pro 2000 sits right in between.


Finding a place for a treadmill in your home can be tricky. Not all of us are blessed with dedicated exercise rooms. Even if you are, you might have a lot of other equipment to contend with. The Pro 2000 folds compactly so you can free up some floor space when you are done training. It has hydraulic assistance and a kick-release bar under the deck. When released from its folded position, it drops softly and slowly to the floor on its own. Lifting the deck back into place is not too hard, but you might have to use two hands.

Proform Pro 2000 deck release
The kick release may be challenging for some users with balance limitations.

The ProForm Pro 2000 has four transport wheels. It took me a while to notice, because they aren’t as functional as the Sole treadmill’s four-wheel design. It’s easy to roll the treadmill toward you, but not to push it away from you if you are facing the underside of the deck. At times, you may need to tilt the treadmill onto two wheels to move it more easily.


The -3% to 12% incline range is perfect for training with iFIT’s immersive content. The incline automatically adjusts to the grade of the terrain shown on the screen. I like having the option to decline the Pro 2000, because it makes the experience more realistic to running outdoors. As I mentioned before, the incline can be a little noisy but the adjustments are fast and smooth.

Proform Pro 2000 action inclline
I’m walking at a leisurely pace here, but any faster and that incline becomes challenging to sustain.

Features & Accessories

As an iFIT treadmill, there are certain key features that the Pro 2000 must have. When Ihop onto a NordicTrack or ProForm, I know what to expect. Thus, the Pro 2000 competes easily with higher-end treadmills from both brands. The biggest limitation is its screen size, but that may not matter to all users. I’ll give my take down below.

Console Overview

There are buttons for every speed and incline level. The ProForm Pro 2000 makes it super convenient to jump to the right performance settings. There are also arrow and plus/minus buttons for a more precise speed and incline setting. The incline adjusts by half a percent, and the speed adjusts by a tenth of a mile per hour. There are also buttons for starting and stopping the treadmill, adjusting the volume, and setting the fan speed.

Proform Pro 2000 console
When you aren’t busy pressing buttons, you can rest your hands on the stability bars under the console.


The screen is 10 inches. It tilts to reduce glare but is otherwise not adjustable. This screen size is decent for shorter users. At 5’4”, a 10-inch screen is good for me, but taller users may prefer a larger screen so that it is easier to see. The Pro 2000’s screen quality is good as is navigation. I had no trouble navigating the iFIT content or seeing what was on the screen.

Proform Pro 2000 tilt screen
The screen tilts up and down just a smidgen.

Cup Holders

The Pro 2000 Treadmill has two cup holders. These are spacious enough to hold a large water bottle each. Alternatively, you could use one cup holder to hold your phone, nutrition, or any other small items you may need.

Proform Pro 2000 action
Here you can see the cup holder compared to the rest of the treadmill (and me!) for scale.


The Pro 2000 has the ProForm CoolAire fan. The strength and angle of the fan are sufficient to cool you off. It has three speeds and an auto setting. The automatic function allows the fan speed to increase or decrease as your training intensity changes. The fan points a little low. I’m not very tall, and it hits me around my chest/stomach. I would prefer a fan that is adjustable in its direction, but this fan isn’t bad.

Proform Pro 2000 fan
The Pro 2000’s fan sits a little low, but it does have a cool auto feature.

Device Holders

I’m not sure if ProForm intended the ledge created by the bottom console buttons to be a device holder, but it works as one. It isn’t the most secure because there is no protection for your device falling forward. While at a neutral grade, my phone stayed put. However, as the treadmill inclines, declines, and accelerates, you may not be able to store your device here safely. A proper device rack is one feature the Pro 2000 is missing.


There are speakers and Bluetooth audio connectivity. The speakers are loud enough to hear over any motor or foot noise generated during your training. In addition to turning the volume up and down, you can control the volume levels of your iFIT class and the Feed.FM radio separately. You will have to use the onscreen controls for this. The volume buttons only affect the master volume. With Bluetooth audio, you can pair headphones or earbuds with just a few taps. Lastly, if neither of these audio options works for you, iFIT classes are closed captioned, so you can follow along.

Heart Rate

The Pro 2000 connects with most Bluetooth heart rate monitors. It does not have EKG pulse grips, but these are not very accurate anyway. The ActivePulse feature from iFIT is one of my all-time favorite treadmill features. It automatically adjusts the treadmill speed to keep you in the right heart rate zone for the class you are following. You can edit your heart rate zones or go with the presets determined by your age. If you have a heart rate monitor connected and are in a workout, tap the screen to access the settings and confirm that ActivePulse is toggled on.

Proform Pro 2000 content
The window in the upper left corner is where you will find your controls for the ActivePulse training.


I’ve been running for well over a decade, so I’ve done a lot of different types of training at this point. I also like to use a treadmill to walk on the days I don’t run. That said, I have a pretty good sense of what activities the ProForm Pro 2000 will be best for.

If you only want to walk, the ProForm Pro 2000 is a great choice. It is cushioned and easy to control at a slow pace. The iFIT classes will help you liven up your routine. Yet, I want a better tablet rack for my walking activities. I like to watch movies on my tablet or read on my Kindle, and I don’t love what the Pro 2000 offers. However, the console height is easy to see over if you have the Pro 2000 in a room with a TV.

Proform Pro 2000 action flat
At 5’4”, I would have no problem seeing over the console to watch a TV.

As for the runners, the ProForm Pro 2000 is a great break from the roads if that’s your typical go-to. On one of my last test runs with the Pro 2000 I had just run a hard session of 200m and 400m intervals on the road, and I was not looking forward to doing more running. But as soon as I stepped on the deck, I realized it was all going to be okay. The deck is way softer than what you are used to as a road runner, which makes it great for easy runs, recovery, building up your mileage, and getting used to faster paces.

Proform Pro 2000 Running Fast
The Pro 2000’s workouts can be tough–that’s why I’m grimacing and not smiling here.

The Pro 2000 isn’t my first pick for the longest distances. I recommend something a little more powerful, like the Pro 9000 or NordicTrack 1750, for runners who are logging 1-2 hours of running every single day on the treadmill. If you are running far but less frequently on the treadmill, the Pro 2000 will work just fine. Keep in mind, that these recommendations are not an exact science. What a treadmill can handle will depend on a lot of factors–your weight, how hard you impact the treadmill deck, if you follow proper treadmill maintenance routines, etc.

The ProForm Pro 2000 is also a good pick for interval workouts, because it has easy-to-use buttons and fast adjustments. However, you may not need the buttons at all if you are training in an iFIT workout. And that’s what the Pro 2000 is the best at.

Subscription & Content Options

You don’t have to have iFIT to get a good workout on the Pro 2000, but it improves the experience. Without iFIT you are limited to one sample workout when connected to WiFi and manual activity regardless of your WiFi connection. These are fine, but the real benefit is when you pair the treadmill with its training platform.

iFIT has thousands of classes for the treadmill, other cardio equipment, strength training, and more. The treadmill classes are filmed on routes and trails all over the world and guided by professional coaches.

Proform Pro 2000 content
Anyone else a fan of The Witcher or Outlander? Occasionally famous faces pop up on iFIT.

The treadmill automatically adjusts the incline to match the route you are following as closely as possible. So, when your trainer runs downhill, you do too. As for the speed, it also adjusts automatically. It either follows the presets, follows your previous input from overriding the current and previous classes, or adjusts depending on your heart rate.

Proform Pro 2000 content
This screen shows some of the workouts I’ve been doing. I particularly like the ActivePulse Training Series.

In addition to these classes, you can also create a route through the Google Maps integration. If you have an upcoming race, want to practice a certain route, or want to explore somewhere entirely new, this feature is perfect for you. You can create a virtual route anywhere you want. Then the treadmill will automatically adjust the incline to match as if you were actually running there. The screen will slide through the Street View images provided by Google. If you run faster, the images will rotate faster.

Proform Pro 2000 content
This is where you can set up a Google Maps route. The search bar lets you navigate wherever you would like.

An iFIT family membership lets you create up to 5 different user profiles. You can join series and challenges to better adhere to your training plans. iFIT is fun and engaging. I highly recommend it if you choose the ProForm Pro 2000.

Bottom Line Review of the ProForm Pro 2000

The ProForm Pro 2000 is an iFIT treadmill and works best when paired with an active subscription. It comes with a 30-day free trial before you decide to commit. Runners and walkers alike will enjoy the provided training and the Pro 2000’s performance. The automatic speed and incline/decline capabilities help you train hands-free to concentrate on your workout. The deck provides good shock absorption and a little bounce so that running feels easier than outdoors. From easy runs to interval runs, the Pro 2000 can handle it. Then when you are done, it folds up with hydraulic assistance. The ProForm Pro 2000 has smart features that are sure to impress.

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