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Updated: October 3, 2023

The ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill impresses with its large screen size at a mid-range price. Treadmills with comparable features are priced at hundreds, if not a thousand dollars more. This makes the 9000 an excellent choice of treadmill with premium subscription content and soft cushioning.

This review of the Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill reflects my personal testing of the treadmill (and its testing of me) through walking and running workouts. Integrated with iFIT’s fitness platform, the 9000 has many auto-adjusting features that accommodate you wherever you are in your fitness and health journey.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Review 2024
The Pro 9000 is the top treadmill from ProForm with outstanding features to match.

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Who The ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill Is Best For:

  • You want the biggest screen for your bucks: The ProForm Pro 9000 has a 22” HD touchscreen for watching iFIT’s thousands of trainer-led classes. This is the most affordable treadmill at this screen size.
  • Heart Rate trainers: Others train by pace or effort level, but you are science-minded and train via heart rate zone. For the best result, you want a treadmill that assists in this endeavor. The 9000 does just that–hands-free!
  • Runners and walkers: With a 3.6 CHP motor, this treadmill is suitable for however fast you like to train. The incline range of -3 to 12% gives you a wide range of options for hill training.
  • iFIT subscribers: Maybe you have tried iFIT, or maybe you would like to. The 9000 comes with 30 days free of iFIT, while the 22” touchscreen takes your decent phone app experience to a whole new level.

Pros And Cons Of The ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill


  • 22” HD touchscreen at a mid-range price. Every other treadmill with this size touchscreen is more expensive. The 9000’s screen quality is really nice, and I noticed little to no lag in content.
  • Workouts are tailored to you through iFIT’s ability to adapt to your previous performance for a hands-free experience with trainer-controlled speed and incline.
  • The cushioning, while not the softest, is certainly pretty nice. I like soft treadmill decks for recovery days, particularly if you do most of your cardio on the pavement.
  • The built-in speaker quality is good. The 9000 speakers overcome the sound of the motor and your running without having to crank the volume all the way up.
  • Train via heart rate zone with Bluetooth pairing. Any Polar brand, Bluetooth heart rate monitor should be compatible.


  • The incline motor can be quite loud when reaching the higher ranges, especially if the treadmill has not been on for very long.
  • The touchscreen can only be used with iFIT content. There is no tablet rack for easily streaming different content while you are using the treadmill.

Treadmill Review Of The ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

Build Quality

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill - Arms + Uprights
ProForm’s bold branding makes its treadmills easy to recognize.


The ProForm Pro 9000 has a steel frame with two uprights to support the console. Despite not having a crossbar, the frame is very sturdy.


The 3.6 CHP motor is capable of supporting high running mileage or a multi-user household. Thus, cardio lovers of any speed can get their workout done on the ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill. The motor is relatively quiet at the entire speed range.

The incline motor was on the louder side while I was using it. It improved throughout my workout, but my experience leads me to believe that this is not a quiet machine when you are using this feature. I found it rather abrasive in volume at any incline beyond a modest -3 to 3%.

Running Surface

ProForm states that they test their belts at double the weight capacity for the equivalent of nearly 1,0000 miles. The 20” W x 60” L deck suffices for most stride lengths.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill - Deck
Rebound pro cushioning makes this deck soft.


The ProForm 9000 folds up compactly for a treadmill with so many features. It can be tilted onto its wheels for maneuvering. I find without some practice, treadmills are quite difficult to move. If you are on the smaller side, like me, you are going to want some help moving it or to find a dedicated space where you aren’t doing more than folding it up after each use.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Folded Profile
The Pro 9000 is easy to fold up, but I wouldn’t want to move it around very often.


Decline is becoming more and more common on treadmills. If you are serious about your running or walking training, it is a great feature to have. Downhill efforts result in more soreness than flat or uphill efforts, so it is good to introduce this type of training into your regimen so you can be better prepared. This treadmill offers a decline of -3% while the incline goes up to the standard 12%.

The only issue I had with the incline is the motor. There was a lot of loud racket when I first inclined it entirely, though it improved once the motor warmed up a bit. Still, it is not nearly as quiet as the NordicTrack Commercial series.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Walking Decline
This treadmill is ready for the ups and downs of those hills as it replicates real-world terrain.

Features & Accessories

The ProForm Pro 9000 is tailored to provide you with a superior experience through the iFIT platform. The touchscreen takes center stage, but the other features are placed within easy reach. Access is easy to all of the controls and the storage compartments. The 3.6 CHP motor is ready for the long haul, and the console is designed to encourage you on!

Console Overview

The console is dominated by the touchscreen, but that doesn’t mean that ProForm skipped out on other features. Beneath the screen, you have a set of quick adjust incline and speed buttons. The incline buttons skip around a little bit, but you can adjust both speed and incline more accurately by the additional arrow buttons further down (0.5 incline increment and 0.1 speed increment). I thought the incline buttons were really cute, as they were made to look like a mountain and a valley. Maybe this is not a reason to buy a treadmill, but it’s a nice touch. You also have buttons for adjusting the volume, fan speed, start and stop. If you prefer to use the screen to make your adjustments, these controls are also available there.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Incline Buttons
The infamous incline buttons


The screen of the Pro 9000 is definitely its key selling point, as this treadmill undercuts all its other 22” screen competitors. The quality is not 4k by any means, but the high definition presents iFIT’s content satisfactorily. There is minimal lag. Even for a heavy sweater like myself, the touchscreen was responsive to my touch.

The screen only allows you to view iFIT content. Without a device rack, it is harder to view other content. Watching your favorite TV shows or movies would require you to position the treadmill in front of a TV.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Running + Screen
A 22” screen makes the streaming content cinematic.


I did not find the Bluetooth connectivity as easy to navigate as I did on NordicTrack’s iFIT integration. I am hesitant to blame this on the treadmill, because there is always room for user errors (even with professional treadmill testers!), and it could have been a factor of simply needing to upgrade the software. If you are having trouble connecting, I recommend trying to connect from the warm-up screen before a workout program.


The speakers were sufficiently loud for overcoming my footstrike. It seems no matter how many years of running experience I get under my belt, I am still one of the loudest runners. The 9000 had powerful speakers, and I didn’t even need to turn them up all the way. With other iFIT enabled treadmills, you can control not just the master volume but the trainer volume and music volume separately.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Speaker
There are two speakers on either side of the console.


The ProForm Pro 9000 welcomes me like an old friend. I have used this brand probably more than any other, and I think the reason for that is how trustworthy the brand is. ProForm certainly makes solid machines, and I am happy to get some miles in on a ProForm treadmill. The 9000 is the top of their lineup, and it feels like it. The screen is extravagant for a midrange treadmill, and the console setup is user-friendly.

The cushioning isn’t as impressive as the NordicTrack Commercial series, but it is forgiving underfoot. The more I run on it, the more I like it. The console doesn’t shake too much. My water and phone are within reach.

Smack! My least favorite thing happens on this treadmill. I just can’t stop hitting the motor hood. It’s alright. It isn’t intrusive enough to ruin my run. I am not tripping and falling from scuffing my foot against it, but I definitely would have liked more room beneath the console. Not every user is going to have this problem. It might even remind you to back off the console or shorten your stride length to increase your cadence. Landing with your foot too far ahead of your body, also known as overstriding, can cause injuries to the knees. As there is danger in hitting the motor hood, the annoyance of it could actually be helpful for encouraging shorter strides, and I recommend using a treadmill like this to focus on running with good form.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Motor Hood
Focus on keeping good form to avoid scuffing the motor hood.

This treadmill allows iFIT to shine with smooth, in-program auto-adjustments. What about when I need to go faster? I got an on-screen notification that my performance would be remembered and adjusted for the future based on my speed override. It can be hard to find auto-adjusting programs that fit your fitness level, but iFIT is smarter than that! For the rest of the workout, I ran hands-free.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Running Float
The 9000 stands up to the toughest workouts.

iFIT Subscription & Content Options

iFIT has a great offer of 30 days free with your purchase of the ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill. This allows you to determine whether or not you like the fitness platform enough to continue. When you see what all iFIT has to offer, you will be impressed. You are not locked into using your treadmill to utilize iFIT, because they also offer non-treadmill trainer-led classes that you can follow from your phone for yoga or HIIT workouts.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill - Screen + Featured Content
Treadmill runs are recommended to you first, but iFIT has loads of other types of content.

It is such a nice platform that I have trouble finding negative things to say about it. Of course, if you don’t want to subscribe, you will have minimal use of the built-in touchscreen. There’s also no device rack, so it is harder to watch other types of content. If you find a monthly subscription unnecessary or a burden, there might be better treadmills suited to your needs. If you decide to go with the 9000, know that you can continue to use the treadmill without an iFIT subscription. There are a few preloaded workouts to choose from or you can use manual activity mode.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill - Scenic + Screen
Most of the video content is only available with a subscription to iFIT’s platform.

Bottom Line Review: ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

The ProForm Pro 9000 is one of my favorite iFIT compatible treadmills. It brings you premium content on a large, 22” screen at a superior price. This treadmill is built for walkers and runners who do want the monthly subscription to keep the full functionality of the touchscreen, but it is usable without it. The cushioning is great for those looking to take a break from the pounding of road running or walking. Overall, ProForm delivers a sturdy midrange treadmill with eye-catching features in the Pro 9000 Treadmill.

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