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Updated: January 9, 2024

I was really excited to get this treadmill in for testing, and now, I am ready to review the Carbon TLX Treadmill to tell you what I think. I was thrilled with the price of this machine. The fact that it has a 3 horsepower motor and a spacious running deck were two aspects that immediately drew me in. It doesn’t have a touchscreen display, unlike many of ProForm’s other treadmills, but you can still use the iFIT training platform if you would like. The TLX is also suitable for users who don’t want to subscribe, though I have a few caveats. Overall, I am really happy with this budget option from ProForm, but read on to see if it is right for you! It has a lot of great features, but there are a few limitations you will want to be aware of.

ProForm Carbon TLX Treadmill Review 2024
The ProForm Carbon TLX is a running treadmill at an affordable price.

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Who The ProForm Carbon TLX Is Best For:

  • Budget Runners: At right around a thousand dollars, the ProForm Carbon TLX has a great build and aesthetic for its price point. I’m really impressed compared to other treadmills in this price range.
  • Subscribers and Unsubscribers: You can connect to iFIT with a smart device or not. The TLX works for subscribers and non-subscribers alike.
  • Outdoor Runners: The ProForm Carbon TLX has a firm and sturdy treadmill deck. It is best for runners who are accustomed to running on the road and those who want to challenge their bodies the most.
  • Walkers and Runners Who Live Alone: The TLX beeps, whines, and chugs when you incline it. The noise is the biggest downside to an otherwise wonderful machine. If you can use headphones and refrain from disturbing housemates and neighbors, go for it!

Pros And Cons Of The ProForm Carbon TLX


  • The ProForm Carbon TLX is very affordable and offers excellent value for its price.
  • The TLX has a 3.0 horsepower motor, which is just enough for running.
  • The TLX works with iFIT’s smart training platform via Bluetooth.
  • The TLX has a built-in device rack.
  • The fan and speakers and sufficiently strong.
  • The TLX feels very stable.


  • The TLX is not a quiet treadmill.
  • The firm cushioning may not appeal to all users.
  • The speakers are not Bluetooth, but it does have a headphone jack.

Treadmill Review Of The ProForm Carbon TLX

Build Quality


One thing I really love about the ProForm Carbon TLX is that it manages to look modern without adopting the minimalist frame other treadmills have. Instead, it sticks to the tried and true angled uprights reinforced with a sturdy crossbar. Yet, its black and graphite appearance looks very nice. A lot of running treadmills priced around a thousand dollars tend to look dated or are covered in ill-fitting plastic pieces. The ProForm Carbon TLX breaks this mold and looks much more refined. The deck frame feels very sturdy but not too heavy. The TLX can support a maximum user weight of 300 lbs, which is just the industry standard but not bad for a treadmill at this price.

ProForm Carbon TLX Frame
The steel frame and stabilizers provide a steady base for the ProForm TLX.

The handrails are metal and textured. They feel very supportive, and I prefer these to the plastic option. However, you may need to be more attentive in wiping them down to prevent corrosion as the treadmill ages. The footrails have a nice grippy texture. They are also spacious enough to support standing on them comfortably. Some treadmill rails have a tendency to lift or move if you step on the sides, but these stayed in place very well.

ProForm TLX Handrails
The ProForm Carbon TLX has metal handles that may feel cold to the touch but are very supportive.


Previous entries into ProForm’s Carbon series did not quite meet our standards as a running treadmill. The TLX’s 3.0 HP motor does. I am really happy with the performance of the TLX’s motor, but it does come with one significant downside. It is not quiet. The motor makes a whirring noise that is higher pitched and louder than other home treadmills. It faded into the background like white noise while I was training, but it could bother other people nearby. When the incline changes, the noise increases. This treadmill may not be a good choice for someone who lives in an apartment or studio. However, I don’t think users who live in homes with dedicated exercise spaces should be dissuaded.

ProForm TLX Motor Hood
I hit the motor hood a bit with my foot while running, but it did not unbalance me.

Running Surface

Another change ProForm made to ensure this new Carbon series treadmill was runner-friendly was making the running surface 20” x 60”. Most walkers and runners should have more than enough room for all of their training on this treadmill belt. The deck has a step-up height of 7.75 inches as reported by ProForm and measured by me.

ProForm TLX Running Feet
I’m running at about 7 mph, and I have plenty of room to hit faster paces.

The deck is about three-quarters of an inch thick and appears to be the same as ProForm’s pricier treadmills, though I cannot verify the materials used in either. The shocks are very stiff, which makes the running surface very firm. I don’t mind it at all, but it may not be the best choice for runners who need more shock absorption. For reference, it is firmer than other treadmills previously in ProForm’s Carbon series, and I would consider it one of the firmest iFIT-enabled treadmills I have tested so far. The TLX’s underfoot feel is comparable to road running.


I was super excited to find that the TLX uses hydraulic assistance to softly lower the deck to the ground. This is a major improvement over the Carbon T7 and T10 which used manual folding. The ProForm Carbon TLX is much easier to move around and fold/unfold thanks to this update.

ProForm TLX Transport
The TLX uses a kick release to unfold the deck softly to the ground.


The ProForm Carbon TLX has an incline range of 0 to 12%. I wish the TLX declined, but it is reasonable for the TLX not to have it considering its price. The incline adjustment is very slow, so it is not ideal for short intervals. You may have to factor the incline transitions into your workout. I like how stable the deck feels as the treadmill's incline adjusts.

ProForm TLX Incline Training
The ProForm Carbon TLX has a nice 12% incline maximum height.

Features & Accessories

The ProForm Carbon TLX is a mixture of smart and low-tech features. I wasn’t as excited about its feature list as I had hoped. The biggest advantage of TLX is that it meets my expectations for its price without using the treadmill with iFIT. When you connect iFIT, the features are even better.

ProForm TLX Console Profile
The ProForm TLX Treadmill’s console is modern and straightforward.

Console Overview

The console on the TLX is very spacious. It is easy to see and navigate. Though it is low-tech and doesn’t have a touchscreen display, it looks very sleek. The buttons right below the screen are a little tricky to use. If you want to access the treadmill settings, you may need the manual on hand, because it is not intuitive.

ProForm does a great job of including a button for every speed and incline level. I like that I don’t have to press a ton of buttons to get to the exact speed I want. The only thing that routinely confuses me is the incline buttons being above the speed buttons. I’m sure this is different for everyone, but I make the mistake of pressing the incline when I mean to adjust the speed whenever treadmill buttons are organized like this. It’s a minor pet peeve that definitely wouldn’t deter me from using this treadmill.

ProForm TLX Buttons
There’s a button for every speed and incline training level.


The ProForm Carbon TLX has a bright 7-inch digital display. The text is blue against a black background. You can increase or decrease the contrast level to your preference. Your metrics are easy to view, because the numbers are so large and bright. Most users should not have any trouble viewing this screen. The TLX does not have a built-in touchscreen display, but it can be paired with a tablet or phone for a similar experience.

Cup Holders

There are two large cup holders on the TLX. I can almost fit my giant 64 oz water bottle in them. The TLX doesn’t have any other storage options, but these large pockets should be plenty of room for most of your necessary items. You have room to fit a smart device, water, and nutrition on the TLX.

ProForm TLX Console and Cup Holders
The cup holders on either side of the console are very spacious.

Device Rack

The TLX has a large tablet rack. The purpose of this feature is to give you a place to store your device as you train with iFIT’s premium training content. However, you can use it to view any content you would like on your phone or tablet. The console is very sturdy, so your device should stay in place. The ledge is narrow, so a device with a thick case or attached accessories may not fit as nicely. My phone fit on the rack (it has a case and a PopSocket attached) but hung over the edge.


The fan is very powerful. It works very well, but it is noisy. The fan has three levels: low, medium, and high. The angle is a little high for me. I’m 5’4”, and it was hitting me in the top half of my face. Taller users may like the positioning of this fan more.

ProForm TLX Fan
The TLX’s fan doesn’t adjust in angle, but it is powerful enough to cool you off.


The speakers are the one feature that really let me down. They are not Bluetooth. You have to use an auxiliary cord to connect your phone or tablet to the speakers. I know this is a big deal for users who no longer have an audio jack on their phones. You may need an adapter to use the TLX’s speakers.

ProForm TLX Speakers & Aux
If you want to use the speakers, you will need an aux cord connection to your device.

The volume was fine, but it could have been a little louder. However, I also cannot stand the beeping that the TLX makes after every single speed and incline adjustment. The only way to get rid of the beeping is to turn down the treadmill volume completely, but then, the speakers are useless. So, if you use iFIT content, you can listen to the beep and the trainer’s audio or neither.


Despite not having Bluetooth speakers, the TLX is Bluetooth-enabled. You can pair a heart rate monitor with the TLX. Any Bluetooth monitor should work. My Garmin was compatible. My solution to the speaker debacle is to use Bluetooth headphones with the iFIT app. You can have the app connected to the treadmill and connect the audio to your headphones or earbuds without a problem. The large pockets also have enough room to hold a small Bluetooth speaker, though I understand users’ frustration who wish they could just use the built-in speakers the same way.


At the Carbon TLX’s affordable price point I know I won’t find the most perfect running treadmill ever, but I was very happy with its performance. The TLX is a treadmill I could easily log many miles on. It is a great option for a runner who needs an indoor option on days when the weather won’t cooperate. It is also great for a walker with a dedicated, daily routine. The TLX will work best when used for shorter daily bouts of exercise or longer, less frequent training sessions. Runners who accumulate high weekly mileage and run primarily indoors should consider upgrading to a more powerful machine to maximize their treadmill’s longevity.

ProForm TLX Running
I like the TLX’s performance for rainy days where I can’t run outside.

The ProForm Carbon TLX is not the best treadmill choice for runners and walkers who want more cushioning. Its slow speed and incline adjustments also do not make it the best option for interval training, though it may greatly depend on the type of interval workouts you are performing. I like the TLX for steady-state cardio, hill training, and progression runs. It also works very well with the iFIT platform. The small dynamic changes in the speed and incline that most iFIT workouts cover work just fine with the TLX.

ProForm TLX Running Deck
The running deck is firm, so it is not the best for recovery and easy runs.

Subscription & Content Options

So there’s one feature about the ProForm Carbon TLX that I haven’t talked about much that might frustrate some users. On the other hand, it might be just what others are looking for in a treadmill. The ProForm Carbon TLX comes locked. Once you get the treadmill you have to go to iFIT’s website to activate it. You will be prompted to set up an iFIT account.

New users can get 30 days for free. However, if you do not want to subscribe to iFIT–not even for the 30-day trial–you will still need to create an account. Whether you use your personal email, a junk email, or a temporary email service to set up this account is up to you. Once you have created your account, you can add your equipment and unlock the treadmill without putting any payment information into the app. I know this process may be frustrating for some, but you only have to do it once, and the treadmill will work just fine.

ProForm Carbon TLX iFIT
Connecting the iFIT app to the treadmill is super easy and drastically expands your training options.

That said, I do really like the iFIT training platform. iFIT has trainer-led classes for on and off the treadmill. These are filmed all over the world and create an exciting training program. You can join series or challenges to encourage yourself to build a routine. The TLX pairs with the iFIT app via Bluetooth. From there, the treadmill automatically adjusts its speed and incline to match the class. If you have your heart rate monitor paired, your heart rate will show up on the treadmill and in the app.

The only iFIT feature that does not appear to work with the TLX is the ActivePulse classes. These classes adjust the treadmill speed to keep you in a set heart rate zone. I did not appear to have this option on the TLX, but I will update this review if I discover otherwise.

There are no built-in training programs to use for free. You can only use manual mode. The iFIT app can be used in a limited capacity for free. As of writing this review, you get one free workout from each category or can train in manual mode with the app.

ProForm TLX Console Running
The height of the console makes it easy to see a phone or tablet placed on the device rack.

Overall, the ProForm Carbon TLX is a great treadmill for those who want guided training or those who do not. Whether you are saving money to get a subscription service or saving money altogether, the Carbon TLX is a great treadmill for you. It’s just smart enough.

Bottom Line Review of the ProForm Carbon TLX

The ProForm Carbon TLX Treadmill is an awesome budget pick. I am super impressed with ProForm’s addition of a 3.0 HP motor, a 20” x 60” running deck, and hydraulic folding. These features are huge upgrades from previous affordable models. The TLX is a true running treadmill, though it is best for low mileage. The TLX is a great value, but it is missing a few features, like decline, onboard workouts, and Bluetooth speakers. All in all, the ProForm Carbon TLX is a great rainy day, beginner-friendly, and budget-friendly treadmill.

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