ProForm Treadmill Comparison: SMART Pro 2000 vs SMART Pro 5000

There are many excellent ProForm treadmills to choose from when you are looking to add one to your home gym. However, some ProForm treadmills are more popular than others, namely, the ProForm SMART Pro 2000 and the ProForm SMART Pro 5000.

These treadmills are close in price and features, which can make it hard to choose between them. So, if you are curious about how these similar treadmills compare against each other, ProForm Coupon is here to showcase them head-to-head.

Basic Overview Of Features On Pro 2000 vs. Pro 5000

To help you have a clear idea of what each of these treadmills offers you, we wanted to start with giving a basic overview of these treadmills’ features. As you read through, pay attention to the features in bolded lettering, as these will be the ones that are identical between these two treadmills.

FeaturesPro 2000Pro 5000
Display7” HD touchscreen10” HD touchscreen
Motor3.5 CHP3.75 CHP
Workouts50 programs50 programs
iFit CoachFree year membershipFree year membership
Weight Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Incline Range-3% to 15%-3% to 15%
Speed Range0.5 MPH-12 MPH0.5 MPH-12 MPH
Treadmill Belt22” wide by 60” long22” wide by 60” long
CushioningProShox cushioningProShox cushioning
WarrantyLifetime frame & motorLifetime frame & motor
5-year parts5-year parts
2-year labor2-year labor

Balance The Price Difference Between These Treadmills

There is a $200 price difference between these two treadmills. Yet, when it comes to what differs between these machines, it really comes down to the motor size and the touchscreen dimensions. Otherwise, the Pro 2000 and the Pro 5000 are pretty much the same treadmills.

If you want to reduce the price gap between these two treadmills, all you need to do is use our ProForm promo coupon. As you can see in the two screenshots below, this is what the price reduction looks like with our discount.

Smart Pro

Pro 2000

Smart Pro

Pro 5000

Consider What You Really Need In A ProForm Treadmill

Both the Pro 2000 and the Pro 5000 are excellent treadmills, thanks to ProForm’s commitment to excellence. And when it comes down to their features, it makes sense to buy the Pro 2000, as it has most of the same features as the Pro 5000. However, the motor on the Pro 5000 may be an important factor, as the more powerful motor will stand up better to tough workouts, and the larger screen may help you have more immersive workouts.

No matter which of these treadmills that you choose in the end, as long as you make sure you redeem our ProForm promo code, you can be sure you’ve chosen right.