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Updated: December 6, 2023

The Sole E35 Elliptical is a premium elliptical with smart content and a compact build that’s perfect for smaller users. Twenty levels of resistance and incline give the E35 powerful training options, but it’s the 10-inch display that really takes this elliptical to a new level. I’m reviewing the Sole E35 Elliptical after testing it (and many other ellipticals) firsthand. The E35 is perfect for elliptical users who want premium content without the commitment of a monthly subscription. Sole does not require any subscription to use the E35, but it may make use of subscriptions you already have.

Sole E35 Elliptical Review 2024
The E35 Elliptical works well for a range of user heights.

Who The Sole E35 Is Best For:

  • Petite Users: The E35 has a narrower pedal position and lower, thinner handles that will be comfortable for smaller users.
  • Exercisers Looking For Ellipticals with Entertainment: The E35’s 10.1-inch touchscreen display is preloaded with entertainment apps and onboard training content.
  • Walkers and Runners Who Want Low-Impact Training: The E35 Elliptical provides full-body training in a low-impact format. It’s perfect for runners or walkers who want to incorporate cross-training while reducing the shock to their bodies.
  • Unsubscribers: The Sole E35 does not require a subscription membership to access training or entertainment content. Instead, the E35 has third-party apps that may require their own subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and more.

Pros And Cons Of The Sole E35 Elliptical


  • The Sole E35 has apps from Prime, Disney Plus, Audible, and more.
  • The 10-inch touchscreen provides a pleasant viewing experience.
  • The screen allows you to screen mirror content from your smartphone.
  • The frame and flywheel are covered by lifetime warranties.
  • Bluetooth allows users to pair a device for audio, heart rate, or connection with the Sole+ app.
  • The pedals are padded with an adjustable angle. The handles are rubberized with multiple grip options.


  • The E35’s incline doesn’t offer much added resistance.
  • The speakers are not as powerful as I would like.

Elliptical Review Of The Sole E35

Build Quality


The Sole E35 Elliptical has a steel frame with three stabilizers. The middle and rear stabilizers have two feet each. These are adjustable to help level the machine if your floor is uneven. The frame is very durable and covered by a lifetime warranty. A black powder coating protects the E35 from corrosion from sweat and dirt. The E35 weighs 211 lbs. It is heavy, and I would not want to move it around often if at all. There is a rear grab bar to help you in moving the E35, but I recommend assembling it where you plan to keep it long term. In the case that you do need to move it, you can lift the E35 onto its two transport wheels.

Sole E35 Moving
The Sole E35 is heavy, but it has a grab bar to help you move it around when necessary.

Flywheel and Resistance

The E35 has a 25-lb flywheel. It is a traditional front-drive elliptical. The magnetic resistance brakes the flywheel to create a powerful challenge. There are 20 levels of resistance, and the top levels are quite difficult. I had a hard time keeping the elliptical moving at a good pace at the top resistance level, so even experienced users should be challenged by it.

Sole E35 FlyWheel
The Sole E35 Elliptical is a front-drive flywheel that uses magnetic resistance.


The Sole E35 elliptical has oversized pedals that measure around 15 inches long by 6 inches wide. The pedals are padded to add a little extra cushioning. The rubber is textured to keep your feet in place. The E35’s pedals can be adjusted to an angled position, which lifts the heels. There are only two positions, but the adjustment is really easy to make with just a pull of the knob on the back of the pedal. I was comfortable with my feet in both orientations.

Sole E35 Side Pedal Profile
This profile o the pedals shows the red knob which adjust the pedal angle when pulled.


The Sole E35 has stationary and moving handles. The stationary handles have pulse grips. The moving handles have multiple grips with an additional loop to provide a wider grip and support a top or bottom grip. On larger machines, I tend to keep my hands positioned near the bottom of the handles. On the E35 I was comfortable with my hands at any position.

Sole E35 Over Shoulder
The moving handles have a comfortable range of motion. There are stationary handles, too.

Stride Length

A 20-inch stride length should be comfortable for most users. The pedals are positioned slightly closer together than what you will find on a larger elliptical with a larger flywheel like the Sole E95. I like this pedal spacing, because it suits my stature better. The E35 should work well for users of average height. Smaller users may prefer the Sole E25 while larger users may like the E95 more. The stride length is not variable.


The elliptical ramp lifts to 20 levels of incline. The incline does not add that much resistance to the elliptical. After testing many ellipticals with incline, the impact of the incline appears to be in targeting the leg muscles at a different angle, but I wouldn’t say that it provides much more difficulty.

Sole E35 Incline and Pedals
The Sole E35 has a 20 inch stride length, but the incline can make it feel shorter.

Features & Accessories

The Sole E35’s features are more extensive than the more affordable E25. The E35 has many of the same features as Sole’s premium ellipticals. The smart touchscreen console gives the E35 some of my favorite features. The E35 is a great option for exercisers who want an elliptical with a lot of features for a reasonable price.

Console Overview

There are fewer physical buttons on the Sole E35 thanks to the onscreen controls. The console is centered around the touchscreen, but a few buttons are located below it. The buttons are for the fan, toggling the display between views, and the start and stop buttons. The entire console–not just the screen–can be tilted slightly.

Sole E35 Full Console
The Sole E35’s console has a touchscreen display which allows it to have fewer physical buttons.


The touchscreen is 10.1 inches. The quality of the graphics is nice, and the onscreen content options are even better. The touchscreen is responsive and easy to navigate while using the elliptical. When you are using third-party apps, there should be minimal lag if you have a good internet connection. Everything operated very smoothly for me. The screen has two main screens: training and media. The training screen has three display options, which the display button toggles between. The onscreen navigation is fairly intuitive, but if you get stuck, check to see whether you are in fullscreen mode. That mode hides some of the navigation controls, which makes it harder to control the content.

Sole E35 Content Screen
The screen size is great for viewing and navigation.

Device Rack

The Sole E35 has two tablet racks. The tablet rack above the screen has a top clip to help keep your device in place. If you have a thick case or PopSocket attachment on your device, it may not hold it as easily. The tablet rack below the screen doubles as a place to rest your phone while it's charging. This rack is a bit more spacious, but a large device may cover up some of your controls here.

Wireless Charging

The Sole E35’s wireless charging pad is centered on the lower device rack. A phone (compatible with wireless charging) can be placed here to keep it powered while you train. This feature is particularly useful when paired with the Sole E35’s other smart features.

Sole E35 Bluetooth Charger
There is not a ton of storage on the E25, but you do get one decently large cup holder.

Screen Mirroring

In addition to all of the great third-party apps the Sole E35 comes preloaded, the E35 has screen mirroring. The screen mirroring is easiest to use with an iPhone, because it uses the native screen mirroring feature. It can be done with an Android device, but you will have to download an app for it. I have an Android device, so I quickly discovered that the app Sole suggests does not work. If you use the QR code provided, navigate to the other apps created by the same developer. The ‘ANPLUS’ screen mirroring app is the app that works with the E35. Hopefully, Sole can update this procedure in the future to be more convenient for non-iPhone users.


Bluetooth allows users to pair their heart rate monitors, phones, and headphones to the Sole E35. A heart rate monitor allows exercisers to complete one of the onboard heart rate programs. Connecting your phone allows you to play audio through the speakers or pair with the Sole+ app. Finally, connecting your headphones lets you stream entertainment quietly while training from any of the built-in content on the Sole E35.

Sole E35 Content Screen Mirroring
I have connected my phone using the screen mirroring feature and to the Bluetooth speakers.


The audio quality varies by source. Audio from third-party apps achieves a decent volume, but audio played from your phone through the speakers is quieter. Some content is too quiet to hear. I can hear my music played via the Spotify app on my phone, but some of the content on the Sole+ app is too quiet. The speakers are front-facing, but they still sound a bit muffled and not as crisp as I would prefer.

Cup Holder

A single cup holder sits below the console. It is roomy enough to store a moderate water bottle. It is not the best option for exercisers who plan to train for extended periods of time and need more items easily accessible.

Sole E35 Cup Holder
The E35 has a single cup holder for a bottle or other small items.


The Sole E35’s fan is okay. I can feel the breeze, but it doesn’t make a huge difference in my exercise experience. It only has one speed. The fan vent can be angled, but it doesn’t impact the fan’s performance too much.

Sole E35 fan
I am underwhelmed by the Sole E35’s built-in fan.


The Sole E35’s twenty levels of resistance can provide intense training for exercisers of all ability levels or help you recover with a low-impact exercise. I like the E35 best for longer exercise bouts. Though the E35 performed well when I pushed the pace, increasing the resistance is a better and smoother way to get your heart pumping. The elliptical’s handles and pedals are comfortable for even your longest sweat sessions. The E35 was quiet, smooth, and stable.

One of my favorite things about the E35 was how well it complemented my stature. I’m 5’4”, and a lot of ellipticals feel a bit oversized to me. The E35 did not, and I think even exercisers who are taller than me will still like it a lot. The arm movements especially felt like they moved across a better range of motion for my size. I didn’t feel as liable to impinge my shoulder, because the movement replicated swinging my arms while I was running a lot more closely than it does on a large elliptical. For me, it’s a win-win situation that the E35’s build saves on space and feels more appropriate for shorter users.

Sole E35 Action and Screen
The build of the E35 might be better for shorter users rather than taller users.

Subscription & Content Options

Sole provides some of my favorite onscreen content, because it’s not as restrictive as other brands. The Sole E35’s 10-inch touchscreen display has apps from Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and more. The YouTube app makes a great option for anyone who doesn’t have an existing subscription to a streaming service. The E35 is great for anyone who wants to be entertained while they exercise. Once you add in the screen mirroring feature, the E35’s content options are basically endless.

Sole E35 Content YouTube
You can peruse YouTube if you don’t have another streaming service subscription.

The Sole E35 has onboard training content. These programs include fat burn, cardio, heart rate, hills, intervals, strength, HIIT, and a fitness test. The fitness test is a heart rate-based program that progressively increases the resistance until you reach 85% of your heart rate maximum and gives you a VO2 max score at the end. The training programs can be customized to match your training level by customizing the workout parameters. You can even customize your own workouts or save them as templates to repeat in the future.

Sole E35 Content Onboard Workout
These are the available onboard training programs.

The last training option on the Sole E35 may not be built into the console exactly, but it might be the best. When you screen mirror your phone, you can access content from training services like iFIT, Sole’s own Sole Plus app, Kinomap, or any other service you like. You don’t have to commit to a subscription. The E35 lets you train any way you want.

Bottom Line Review of the Sole E35 Elliptical

The Sole E35 is a midrange elliptical with unlimited training and entertainment options. The twenty levels of magnetic resistance and incline give the E35 great training variability and will challenge even experienced exercisers. The build of the E35 is sturdy and great for shorter users. The E35’s frame and flywheel are covered by lifetime warranties to support you through hours of training. While the E35 does not have smart trainer-led content to rival iFIT ellipticals, its screen mirroring and third-party apps help users access any content they would like.

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