TRUE Fitness Treadmill Reviews

Last Updated: 3/2/2018

Established in 1981, TRUE Fitness is a cardio fitness brand which focuses on home gym equipment with a few specialized pieces. TRUE workout machines range in price from moderately affordable to high-priced commitment. Aside from the treadmills created by TRUE, they also offer exercise bikes, ellipticals, and a strength trainer.     

TRUE Treadmill Product Line Summary

There are eight different treadmills being offered by TRUE currently. They range from fairly slim machines to thick, heavy frames. Here at Treadmill Reviews, we were surprised to see how varied such a small line of treadmills could be. As it stands, the eight treadmills are broken up into four different series, none of which are able to fold up.   

M Series Treadmills

The M series is the base level treadmill line of TRUE’s treadmills. There are only two treadmills in this series. They start in price at $1,699 and reach $2,099 and are fairly slim in build. Both have medium sized 3 HP motors, which is a bit small when compared to other competitor treadmills. They are fairly limited when it comes to entertainment, with 7” LCD displays, with the main entertainment feature being the TV/HDTV tuner.  

Performance Series Treadmills

There are three treadmills in the Performance series. They start in price at $2,999 and reach $4,199. This jump in price doesn’t quite match the features available. While the Performance series treadmills are built more sturdily than the M series, two out of the three treadmills have a 3.0 HP motor, with the most expensive treadmill having a 4.0 HP motor. The Performance 800 has quite a few features the other two Performance treadmills lack but it still doesn’t quite match up with the high price tag.  

Z5 Series Treadmills

The two treadmills in the Z5 series have some of the thickest uprights we’ve seen on a treadmill, which pretty much guarantees that the console won’t wiggle as you workout, no matter your speed. These treadmills also come with an orthopedic treadmill belt, which is ideal for those rehabbing an injury. However, there are certain downsides to this treadmill which lose it points with us. They start in price at $3,899 and reach $4,699, which is already beyond the cost of most residential treadmill owners’ preferred price range. Add to that the fact that the Z5 series has less of an incline range than even the M series, only 3 HP motors, and simple LCD console, the beefy Z5 is less impressive.  

Excel Series Treadmills

The top of the TRUE treadmill offerings, there is just one treadmill in the Excel series. There are two console options, with the base option offering an LCD display and half the programs on the upgraded, touchscreen console. The price of the Excel is a bit steep, starting at $6,099 and reaching $8,399 if you choose the touchscreen console. This treadmill’s 4 HP motor, incline range of -3 to 15%, and 400 lbs user weight capacity is good, but maybe not up to that price tag.

Commercial Series Treadmills

These commercial treadmills are not available for sale to homeowners, but instead, cater to buyers who are purchasing for health clubs, hospitals, offices, and other commercial settings. Consequently, these treadmills are built on durable lines, with motors ranging in size from 4 HP to 5 HP. There is even an incline trainer, the Alpine Runner, which can decline to -3 and incline up to 30%.   

PS Series Treadmills

This is also commercial treadmill line which cannot be bought by homeowners. While these treadmills are solidly built, they don’t have any standout features. Their motors range from 3-4 HP, has an incline range of 0-15%, only contact heart rate sensors, and a weight capacity of 350 lbs.   

Out-Of-Stock TRUE Treadmills

If you are curious about out-of-stock TRUE treadmills, you can check out reviews of the treadmills we have been able to test before they were no longer carried by TRUE.

Our Ruling On TRUE Treadmills

While TRUE treadmills are well-built treadmills with decent features, the price of even the cheapest TRUE treadmill is too high for the price tag. If you are looking to invest in a quality treadmill and are willing to spend a bit more than the average home treadmill owner, check out our best treadmills under $2,500. These treadmills will give you a sturdily built treadmill which is packed with great features, more than you can find on a TRUE treadmill.