Xterra Fitness Treadmill Reviews 2018

Last Updated: 2/27/2018

Xterra Fitness has spent three decades in the fitness industry creating fitness equipment but they are better known for the Xterra Triathlon. Under their parent company Dyaco, Xterra Fitness has sibling brands in Spirit Fitness and Sole Fitness. All of three of these companies produce quality fitness equipment.

Along with their affordable treadmills, Xterra Fitness also manufacturers exercise bikes, ellipticals, and rowers.

Xterra Treadmill Product Line Summary

Xterra has a small treadmill product line, honing in on creating quality treadmills over quantities. Their international branch has more treadmills listed as currently manufactured but they are not available for sale. Due to that, Treadmill Reviews will focus on the three treadmills which are available to the public.

TRX Series

The current treadmill series being manufactured by Xterra is the TRX series. They aren’t the most powerful treadmills but the three treadmills are very affordable, ranging in price from $799.99 up to only $999.99. The treadmills have motors on the small side, ranging from 2.25 CHP to 3.25 CHP and are not very tech-heavy, as they have small, backlit LCD screens and no more than 30 workout programs on their top-end treadmill. However, the TRX series is easy to use and sturdily built.

Out-Of-Stock Xterra Treadmills

As mentioned earlier, Xterra Fitness International has more treadmills listed as currently manufactured than are currently offered on the Xterra Fitness website. You would have to go through a third-party treadmill seller to find these treadmills, but if you are interested in other Xterra treadmill products, check out the below treadmill reviews.

TR Series

The Xterra TR series, short for Xterra Trail Racer, is similar to the current lineup on Xterra’s main website. They range in price from budget, under $800, and seem to cap out around $900 from third-party treadmill dealer for the best of these treadmills. Keep in mind, that the TR6.8 is the best of the older Xterra treadmills and it is not quite up to the standard of some of the sister brand treadmills from SOLE.

Our Ruling On Xterra Treadmills

When it comes to making a definitive ruling on Xterra treadmills, it was a slightly difficult decision in which we needed to weigh the pros and cons of the TRX series and ignore the treadmills which are not a part of their current offerings.

The pros of the Xterra treadmills are:

  • They are very budget-friendly, with the top price capping at $999.99. This can put a good, well-known treadmill brand into the homes of people who might not be able to afford pricier treadmill brands like Life Fitness or Matrix.
  • Xterra treadmills share a heavy-duty metal frame construction similar to sister brand SOLE treadmills. This makes the budget treadmills more appealing, as they will not break down like similarly priced treadmills which rely more on molded plastic in their treadmill’s construction.
  • The treadmills’ interfaces are easy to navigate, with clearly labeled, large buttons so you know what you are pressing mid-workout when you may have sweat obstructing your vision. There are even speed and incline adjustment buttons on the arms of the treadmill as well as on the console, making adjusting the incline and speed easy.

The cons of the Xterra treadmills are:

  • There is a low engagement factor on these treadmills. The screens are LCD backlit displays, which look like an afterthought in the middle of the consoles. They also have only between 24-30 programs depending on the model, where similarly priced treadmills like the NordicTrack C990 has a 7” touchscreen and 32 programs, as well as access to iFit Coach.
  • The TRX2500 is the cheapest treadmill at $799 and may interest users who want an affordable treadmill from a well-known brand. However, the ProForm Performance 600i is also from a well-known treadmill brand and outdoes the TRX2500. The Performance 600i has a larger motor, longer treadmill belt, a stronger motor, and a higher incline range. All for the same price as the TRX2500.

On their own, Xterra treadmills are decent treadmills which will work well for many walkers and casual joggers. However, there are certainly good treadmills from other brands which directly compete with Xterra and actually outperforms the Xterra treadmills. So we recommend you read reviews on other top treadmills in the same price range as the Xterra treadmill you are interested in purchasing before you buy.