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Featured Best Buys

Xterra Trail Racer 6.6
Sale Price: $999.99 (Reg: $1999)
Xterra Trail Racer 6.6 treadmill review
Treadmill Rating: Treadmill Rating: 8.56

"...a very impressive model by Proform, and one of their highest sellers..."
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Sole F63
Sale Price: $999.00 (Reg: $1849)
Sole F63 treadmill review
Treadmill Rating: Treadmill Rating: 7.75

"...just as impressive now as it has always been and still a top seller..."
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NordicTrack Commercial 1750
Sale Price: $1499.00 (Reg: $2999)
NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill review
Treadmill Rating: Treadmill Rating: 8.56

"...the best selling treadmill from the top selling treadmill brand for good reason..."
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Treadmill Buying Tips

Buying a treadmill is a big decision. You have a lot of options to consider, so we hope our treadmill reviews make it a little easier on you. To help you out we have grouped our reviews and ratings by brand, price and features to help you find what you are looking for. Below are some things regarding treadmills you want to be sure to consider.

Buy your treadmill online

If you go to a store to get a treadmill, you will have to deal with pushy salespeople and questions about delivery. When you buy online, you shop at your own pace. You can almost always find free shipping. You can usually get help setting up the treadmill. And best of all, you can browse around for coupons and special deals on the treadmill you like.

Buy direct from the source

There are many different treadmill retailers out there. We recommend going directly to the manufacturer to buy your treadmill. That's why all of our links to purchase any machine go straight to the source. Manufacturers tend to offer the best deals out there.

Understand your options

If you are in the market for a treadmill, you certainly have a lot of options. Research the all the various brands and models. You can with our treadmill reviews and ratings. Look at all the different features available. See what you really want and then compare just those treadmills with the features you like. It doesn't seem so overwhelming that way.

Compare different treadmill reviews

Browsing our ratings and reviews is one thing. Actually comparing the features of different machines is another. Treadmills all have different motors, different sizes and different features. Don't just read a treadmill review and then assume you have found the right model for you. Browse reviews of a few different machines so that you can see the differences between each treadmill you are interested in.

Treadmill Brands Overview

There are literally dozens of treadmill brands out there. Not all of them sell home treadmills. Many of these manufacturers make commercial grade treadmills which they sell to gyms across the country. There are some brands that only have a couple of models and don't sell very many machines. In order to make it easier on you to sort them out, we have provided a brief overview of the major treadmill brands so that you can get a feel for each of them. These are just the top selling brands and since a vast majority of residential treadmill sales are accounted for by only a handful of brands, those are the manufacturers we wanted to let you know more about.


The largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world is a company called ICON Health & Fitness. Their flagship brand of treadmill is NordicTrack which is the top selling brand worldwide. They have many options and price points. Just about every new machine now comes equipped with iFit Live, a fun, innovative feature to help you work out. NordicTrack also pioneered the incline trainer, a treadmill that can reach inclines of up to 40%. The quality of construction in NordicTrack treadmills has improved significantly in the last couple of years, and even though their warranty is not the best you can find, there is a good chance you won't even need it.


An emerging force in the residential treadmill market is Sole Fitness. They began by primarily focusing on hotels and had a lot of success there. Sole treadmills are still the number one brand of treadmill you will find at hotel gyms across the country. Their models are regularly featured as Best Buy award winners from various treadmill review experts like Treadmill Adviser and others. Sole does not actually manufacture their own treadmills but has a factory that does this for them. But they do have an engineering and design team that puts together top quality machines which is why they have grown so quickly in just 5 years.


The only entirely online retailer is Smooth Fitness. You won't find Smooth treadmills in Sears, Dick's or any other retailer. Their online store started in 1996, making them the first online retailer of exercise equipment. Because they don't have these relationships with retailers they have a lot of freedom with pricing and sales, so you can always find deals with them. They make great machines that come with what is probably the best warranties in the industry. They also have some patented features that are pretty cool like waving your arm to increase or decrease the speed.


Another brand manufactured by ICON Health & Fitness is ProForm. This is their second leading brand behind NordicTrack. Most ProForm treadmills are very similar to the machines you see by NordicTrack, but they are designed by the same team of engineers and manufactured in the same place, so you would expect that. When it comes to the less expensive models, ProForm treadmills will typically come with more bells and whistles than similarly priced NordicTrack models though. Still, they are more or less the same machines with a few differences in design.


A very new player in the treadmill industry is Xterra. They make very good machines in the mid-price range. The Trail Racer 6.6 is one of our Featured Best Buys. If you are looking to spend right around $1,000, then take a look at Xterra treadmills. They are a sister brand of Spirit Fitness and share a manufacturer, Dyaco, who also manufactures Sole treadmills, so you know they are pretty good quality.


Horizon treadmills are designed and manufactured by Johnson Health Tech, one of the largest manufacturers of exercise equipment in the world. Horizon treadmills undergo a very rigorous testing process. Their facilities are some of the best out there when it comes to designing, building and testing their treadmills. They may not have as much variety as some of the other brands out there, but their warranties are right up there with the rest of them and they put out a quality product.


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