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Last Updated: 12-3-2018

It’s not very often we equate luxury and treadmills but the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 blends the two together very well. One of the first indications of this is the huge, 22” high-definition touchscreen that acts as a console for the Commercial 2950. This huge display screen takes you around the world with iFit trainers to walk, run, climb, and cross train in breathtaking locations for a more immersive home training experience. Add these features to the -3% decline and 15% incline options, the Runners Flex™ cushioning, three fans and much more, and you have the recipe for an excellent treadmill. If it sounds like we're preaching, then we are. Basically, we are very excited about the 2950. Read the rest of this review to get to know our thoughts on the build quality, reliability, and versatility of this treadmill.


Pricing for the Commercial 2950 ranges from $2699 to $3599. We bought ours from NordicTrack when it was marked down to $2699 - which it often is. We include the Commercial 2950 in our category of treadmills priced OVER $2500.

The Commercial 2950 Is Built For Users who:

  • Are looking to seriously focus on their physical fitness - No matter your fitness starting point, if you are ready to buckle down and work on your fitness, you need a machine that can take you there. The Commercial 2950 can ease users back into fitness and then see them through serious cardio training with its many workout features.
  • Want the latest in workout technology - The 22” touchscreen mounted on the Commercial 2950 the eye-catching tip of the technology iceberg. This treadmill also comes with an iFit Bluetooth chest strap so you can monitor your heart rate as you workout. Also, since this treadmill requires an iFit Coach Plus membership, you can select running destinations and workout routines with a personal trainer, all from the comfort of your home.
  • Need a treadmill to last - A cheap treadmill will last for one or two years, even if you aren’t using it that often. So if you need a treadmill to last and keep running smoothly even as you use it daily, then the Commercial 2950 is the treadmill for you.

The Commercial 2950 is one of our favorite treadmills over $2500

In this category, we're comparing the Commercial 2950 against a few other treadmills that are similarly priced - the Sole TT9, the Peloton Tread, and the NordicTrack X22i. But when you weigh pricing and available features on these treadmills, the 2950 is a strong leader with more features to justify the price tag than many of its competitors. The only treadmill we're loving more than the 2950 in the price range is the NordicTrack x22i for its massive incline range. Check it out.

  • Powerful motor - The 2950 has the highest rated motor - 4.25 CHP - beating the TT9 and the Tread.
  • More workout options - Between the 40 pre-programmed workout apps and iFit Coach, the Commercial 2950 gives you more workout options (including cross training and floor exercises).
  • Large display - If you’ve ever been annoyed while squinting at the little displays on other treadmills, then the 22” touchscreen on the Commercial 2950 is the solution to your frustrations.
  • Smaller price tag - There are a ton of treadmills in this category (OVER $2500) so as the price goes up on an item, we expect to see the features get better and better. But really, we're finding that the price tag will have more to do with the company name than the features of the treadmill in most cases. If you're planning on spending a hefty amount for a home treadmill, the 2950 has a majority of the features we see on $4000+ treadmills for a much more appealing price tag.

If you're shopping for home treadmills in the $2500+ category, the 2950 should be on your list of considerations. You can also view our latest coupons and promo codes or you can check out NordicTrack promo codes for great offers.

Main Specs - 9/10

Specs “Quick Review”:

  • Motor Size: 4.25 CHP
  • Running Area: 22” x 60”
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Folding: Yes
  • Footprint In Use (W, L, H): 34” x 72.25” x 61”
  • Incline Range: -3% to 15%
  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Treadmill Best For: Walkers, Joggers, Runners
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V

Motor Size - With a 4.25 CHP motor, the Commercial 2950 dwarfs other treadmills in its price range. This large motor allows the treadmill to operate smoothly without the jerking movements when you want to change inclines and speeds that are common among cheaper treadmills.

Running Area - The running area for this treadmill measures 22” in width and 60” long. Users can utilize the high speeds and inclines without worrying about running out of running space. Also, the 2-ply belt on the Commercial 2950 is stretch-resistant and able to stand up to the pounding of multiple daily users.

Weight Capacity - The max weight capacity of the Commercial 2950 is 300 lbs. For heavier users, the TF30 can hold up to 350 lbs and the SOLE TT8 can accommodate up to 400 lbs.

Folding - Equipped with NordicTrack’s EasyLift™ Assist, the Commercial 2950 can be easily folded up.

Commercial 2950 Commercial 2950 Treadmill

Space / Footprint - For being a fairly sturdy machine, the Commercial 2950 isn’t as large as you might expect. It measures 34” wide, 72.25” long, and 61” high. While it isn’t as compact as a budget treadmill would be, it is not take up as much space as other treadmills in its price range.

Max Speed - The treadmills max speed is 12 MPH. This is the standard treadmill speed cap as most people will never need their treadmill to reach 12 MPH.

Incline - This treadmill has an incline range of -3% to 15%. With the added difficulty of declining combined with incline ability, this treadmill offers its users a wide scope to train on.

Treadmill 1Treadmill 2

Features - 10/10

Features “Quick Review”

  • Display: 22” touchscreen
  • PreInstalled Workout Apps: 40
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Fans: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: EKG handlebar grips, chest strap
  • USB port: No
  • Audio Jack: Yes
  • Water bottle cubbies: Yes
  • Device holder: Yes

Workout Apps - There are 40 pre-programmed workout programs on the Commercial 2950. They have options for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness people. Your purchase of the 2950 also includes a 12 month membership to iFit Coach which gives you access to a library of endless workout videos led by iFit personal trainers. These coaches are great motivators and help users work through grueling workouts.

Display - The massive, 22” HD touchscreen is likely the first thing people notice on the Commercial 2950. It can transport you beyond the confines of your home with a high-energy personal trainer that pumps you up for the duration of your workout. All while tracking and displaying data for time, distance, calorie burn and more.

Display App Display

Speakers - Located just below the console fans, the speakers have great sound quality. You have to have them turned up to at least mid-range volume if you have the fans on but the speakers retain their crisp and clear sound.


Fans - As this treadmill was made for those who are looking for serious cardio training, it comes with 3 fans. Two of the fans are located right below the touchscreen display with the third located on the crossbar/device holder that is just below the main console. With fans to cool you from two different angles, you can workout in comfort.

Fans Fan

Heart Rate Monitoring - An adjustable, iFit Bluetooth chest strap comes with your purchase of a Commercial 2950. This allows you to accurately train in your ideal heart rate zone. There are also EKG handlebar grips but these are not as accurate as the chest strap.

Other Tech Features
  • iFit connectivity
  • Audio jack
  • USB
  • HDMI
  • Device/water holders

USBAudio jack

Build Quality - 9/10

Commercial 2950 Review: Build Quality

  • Warranties - Lifetime frame and motor, 5-year parts and electronics, 2-year labor
  • Belt - 2-ply
  • Roller Size - 2.5”
  • Cushioning - Runners Flex™ Cushioning
  • Customer Support - NordicTrack has live chat customer support from their website as well as phone and email support.
  • Return Policy - 30-day money back guarantee with a 10% restocking fee. There is no fee to return if the treadmill is damaged or defective when it arrives.

The metal frame of the Commerical 2950 is thicker than less expensive NordicTrack treadmills, adding stability and durability to this treadmill. To keep the extra weight from overwhelming the user, there is a hydraulic system set up to make it easier to fold up this treadmill.A feature we really enjoy when it comes to the Commercial 2950 is the adjustable cushioning. With Runners Flex™ cushioning, users can twist one simple knob located on the side of the running deck to change the Commercial 2950’s cushioning levels. Some of our testers prefer a more cushioned deck and others like the deck to mimic outdoor running so switching between the two isn’t so difficult. Both types of testers were satisfied with this treadmill’s cushioning.Overall, the build of the Commerical 2950 is incredibly sturdy. With a heavy-duty metal frame and thick molded plastic to offset some of the treadmill’s weight, this treadmill is up for daily use by multiple users.

Bottom Line Review Of The NordicTrack Commercial 2950

The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 is one of our top picks for treadmills OVER $2500. It was built for those who take their overall health and fitness seriously and will support heavy, daily use for years to come.

NordicTrack Commercial 2950

It has a larger motor and more workout programs than other similarly priced treadmills. Add that to the massive, 22” HD touchscreen that is the Commercial 2950’s console and you can see why it is the best out of its price range.


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