The Comprehensive 2017 Treadmill Buying Guide From The Review Experts

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Why use treadmill reviews buying guide to buy a treadmill?

When looking for a new treadmill online, why would you bother reading any treadmill reviews in the first place? The answer is simple: you are looking for objective, unbiased user experiences. You can find just that at

Our reviews are honest and we don’t hold back. If we really feel a treadmill is poorly made or will not work well for you, then our treadmill ratings reflect that. And believe us, there are a lot of poorly made treadmills that will not work for you.

But rest assured- we have tried hundreds of treadmills so that we could bring you reviews and ratings that accurately reflect the quality of each model we review. We also have a Best Buys section where you can see the treadmills that we think offer the most value for the price.

5_Fitness_Accessories_To_Step_Up_Your_Treadmill_WorkoutHow to compare treadmill reviews and ratings before buying?

Each treadmill we review also comes with a set of ratings. These are the ratings and what they mean:


MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. This is basically the normal price for the machine. However, there are always sales going on and you can use our exclusive coupons to find additional savings.

Walking Area

Most treadmills have a walking belt area of 20″ x 55″ or so. Some have smaller areas and some have larger areas. We rate them based on how spacious the walking area is and how comfortable the space is for a workout.


The power of a treadmill is measured by the horse power of its motor. You can find motors from 1 HP to 4 HP and everything in between. Because of differing sizes, however, some treadmills with less HP may feel like they have more power, simply because of how the machine is made. We rate treadmills based on how powerful we feel they are.


Some models have adjustable cushioning available and some have no cushioning at all. Cushioning in a treadmill allows for a more comfortable run, so we rate treadmills on how comfortable the cushioning makes them feel.


All treadmills wear differently over time. The reliability of a treadmill depends on how many parts are plastic and breakable, how long the motor lasts and other factors. One of those factors is how well you use and take care of your treadmill, so always be sure to use your treadmill properly.

Noise Level

Not everyone works out with headphones, so noise level is important to some folks. Typically the larger the motor the noisier they get, but that isn’t always the case.


Some manufacturers don’t take much thought for how well their machines are made. They also don’t take much thought for how well they are put together. We have put treadmills together where screws couldn’t tighten all the way or even fit on. Quality is a measure of how well made all the parts are and how well they come together.


Value is a measure of how much a treadmill costs vs. the many features of the treadmill. If two treadmills are comparable in features but one is half the price, the cheaper treadmill has a lot more value.


Manufacturers all offer different warranties on their various treadmills. Some cover parts, or labor or everything for certain periods of time. We evaluate which warranties are more user friendly.

Overall Rating

The overall rating is simple an average of all the other ratings of the treadmill. It helps you see an overall evaluation of each machine.

Based On The Reviews How Do I Choose The Treadmill For MeComparing the ratings on the best treadmills to buy

If you are looking for a large walking surface, then compare each treadmill’s rating in that category. If you are looking for the best value, compare in that category. Or you can just use our overall ratings to see which treadmills we liked the best.

Reviews are harder to compare as they sound more subjective than the ratings look. Still, we will try to emphasize which treadmills we think offer the best value in our reviews so that you can compare what we say about each.

How do the treadmill buying coupons work?

Because we are a trusted source of objective treadmill reviews, many manufacturers have given us coupons for you to use on their websites. Each treadmill review has two coupon links, one that says “Click Here to Save” immediately after the ratings and another above the treadmill image.

If you click either of these buttons, you will go directly to the manufacturer’s website and your coupons for that specific treadmill will show up in your shopping cart when you checkout.

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Now you know how to use our treadmill reviews to help you make an informed decision on which treadmill to buy that works best for you. You also know how to save a little money while doing so. Keep in mind, some of our reviews are a bit dated, so some of these machines will not be available from the manufacturer anymore. Those models are clearly marked. For those that are in stock, read some reviews and when you find the one you like, click the coupon button to save some money on your new treadmill!