3 Tips To Make The Dreadmill A Little Less Boring

Boring Dreadmill

The treadmill often gets a bad reputation for being an incredibly dull and repetitive workout. Yet, the reality is that the treadmill is one of the easiest ways to get consistent training. Whether you have a treadmill at home or use one at your local gym, a treadmill can get you moving no matter what. Having no time, bad weather, or lack of a plan aren’t good excuses for skipping a workout when you can count on a treadmill.

Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to take some of the “dread” out of a treadmill. And let’s face it if you’re enjoying your workout, you will be more likely to push yourself and stay motivated to make progress toward your fitness goals.

1. Create a treadmill workout.

Of course, you can simply lace up your tennis shoes and hit the “start” button on the treadmill. However, having a plan that makes your treadmill workout challenging can cut out a lot of the dread and boredom. For example, you can try doing intervals or hill training by periodically adjusting the incline and decline.

Not only do these help you pass the time quicker, but you are practically guaranteed to get in a better workout too. If you aren’t feeling inspired to develop your own plan, try a pre-programmed workout or just hop on a Google search bar and type in “treadmill workouts” for tons of great ideas.

2. Add some variety.

Who says you have to stay on the treadmill during your entire 30+ minute workout? You can try mixing up your treadmill workouts with the use of other machines or equipment as well. For example, you could alternate every ten minutes between the treadmill and a row machine. Alternatively, you could grab a set of weights to do some coordinated arm moves while you’re walking. Additionally, you could take a break in the middle of using the treadmill to get in a core workout. Finally, you can even get creative with your moves on the treadmill by adding sideways walking or lunges.

Many online workouts these days bring you new exciting landscapes and unique twists on this traditional workout mode. Plus, if you have a smart screen and access to a workout app (such as iFit or Peloton), you can specifically search for a treadmill workout and see how the instructors add their own variety. There are tons of options here to keep it interesting.

3. Add some entertainment.

One of the easiest ways to make your treadmill workout less boring is to add your favorite form of entertainment. This can vary from person to person and with your mood for the day. The most popular options include watching TV, reading a book, and listening to an audiobook, podcast, or music. It could even be chatting with a friend on the treadmill next to you or on the phone (bonus points for having them help you stay accountable too).

Don’t forget you could use this time to multitask too if you need to study for a test, pay some bills, or get some work done. Just don’t forget to push yourself to make your treadmill time worthwhile.

Get Creative

There’s no such thing as a boring workout with the right mindset and plan in place- even a treadmill workout. With some foresight and creativity, you can stay engaged while using your treadmill and get your desired results. Treadmills can be an excellent tool for working out at home, so don’t let boredom be a barrier to getting a consistent workout.

This is especially true with all of the latest treadmill models that often come equipped with an interactive HD screen that can bring excitement and planned workouts to your fingertips at the touch of a button. These days, there’s no reason to be bored while using your treadmill!

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