Life Fitness T3 Review

Wanted: A large weight capacity treadmill that will not wobble or shift during workout

With the New Year arriving soon, many people always begin with a new diet or workout regime. For the majority of folks needing to lose weight, many are in the overweight or obese range. The CDC has statistics that an amazing 66% of adults over the age of 20 are overweight or obese. This can present many problems for the obese group due to the fact that the majority of treadmills on the market top out at a weight limit of 250 to a max of 300lbs. The fact that the stated weight limit is on the larger size does not guarantee that the workout will be a comfortable one while performing anything other than a slow walk.

Until the Fitness Industry decides that they are interested in pursuing this group of people that obviously need there help, those that are on the heavier side are limited to a few models and styles of treadmills.

Fortunately, there are a few models out there that are worthy to be in the heavyweight category. One of those models is the Lifefitness T3 with Advanced Console. This model has a huge weight limit of 350 pounds and is a model you may see on programs like “Biggest Loser” or “National Weight Challenge”.

The Lifefitness T3 offers many larger than normal features like a huge 20 X 60 walking area and the stability of a heavy weight machine (weighing in at 275 lbs) that will not move around while in use. The T3 features a 3 HP continuous duty motor that will allow users to reach up to 12 MPH with ease. There are also many other useful features such as the contact heart rate sensors and the Polar wireless HRM chest strap. Programs include the GoSystem Quick Start that remembers user’s preferences of walk jog and run speeds, heart rate, and goal and time workouts.

Due to the weight limit, Lifefitness installed their patented FlexDeck Shock absorption system that reduces impact to joints by nearly 30% compared to most other treadmills on the market. The warranty features 10 years on treadmill motor, 5 years on all parts, and 1 year on labor.

This is a club quality treadmill, with a sleek appearance and a solid feel.

The Lifefitness T3 with Advanced Console is on the pricey side at $2799 (, no shipping charges and no sales tax), but is well worth the money if you are committed to a fitness regime and want a machine that will last for many years to come!

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