Smooth CE 2.0 Deal

A Good Elliptical at a Great price!

I was trying to find an elliptical that would be good for a friend. She is interested in a machine that is good for your joints and allows for a good cardio workout! Oh yeah, and not to mention, she wants a frame that would be comfortable for a short person, will not wobble if your over 200 pounds, fold up, and a price tag under $1000! Wellllll, I normally would say get a gym membership, because good elliptical are hard to find under $1000!!

I really like these people so; I did my due diligence and started on They are always a good starting point when you are looking for up to date reviews, and also well organized by price point!

I started looking at Smooth because I really like the Smooth Agile! The only problem with the Agile is that is runs about $3500! Now, every once in awhile someone will sell reconditioned units on EBay or run really great sales directly. Well, no such luck! I went to and a Smooth elliptical came up under $1000. I saw a Smooth CE 2.0 and it really has everything we are looking for!

Price, check!
Stride, Check!
Delivery included, Check!
Large weight capacity, Check!

The CE 2.0 really is made for those that are one the shorter side (under 6 foot), and weigh no more than 275 lbs (even with a limit 300 lbs)!

The reason I mention the weight limit is that I have experienced people complain about stability while working out on the Smooth CE 2.0. I always recommend the CE 3.2 or 7.4 for heavier, taller people.

The Smooth CE 2.0 offers 3 pedal options and changeable handlebars so anyone can easily change in between users for a customized fit. This elliptical has a 22 lb flywheel! This feature is what makes this elliptical feel like you are on a much more expensive, heavy weight piece of equipment. The fly wheel makes your workout smooooth! This is a very important piece to look at when you are looking at elliptical.

The CE 2.0 also offers a standard training computer that will measure time, speed, distance, calories, pulse and RPM’s. This machine is a super space saver with a 45”L x 20” W.

Smooth Ellipticals do tend to knock after a while of use on a regular basis. All ellipticals will have some “noise Issues” due to all of the pivot points (usually about 8 pivots, 4 on each side, on a common treadmill). Smooth will experience this noise thing, but all will on some level.

All in all, this is a pretty good deal at $999, no shipping charges and no tax in most states!

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