Treadmill Doctor Promo On Treadbelts


Today I want to make everyone aware of a special deal on purchasing a replacment treadmill belt for your machine. We have been working closely with on a special promotion to help say thanks for all of the participation with us here at the DOJO.

10% off on all replacment Treadmill Belts. One of the most important things you can do to keep your machine around is keep it maintained. A quality belt and regular lubrication will do the trick to keep you from purchasing the more expensive replacment parts. The Treadmill Doctor belts also have a full one year warranty.

Just Click the link below and buy your replacment belt. The discount will appear in the shopping cart at checkout.

Treadmill Belts Promo.

Here is a copy of the html link if you want to let other people know about it.

Treadmill Belts

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