Basic Tips for Running a Marathon

Ohiyo everybody! Thought I would take a little break from bringing you awesome treadmill reviews and give you some training tips. Today’s topic is some basic tips on how to prepare yourself for running a marathon. Enjoy.

Running is the most basic of exercises, anyone can do it and it is really easy; coincidentally running is, without a doubt, the best way for you to build cardio strength. It is the key to a fit and healthy life.

There were studies down by multiple universities showing that runners age up to twenty years slower than those who do not run. That is an astounding difference in age speeds. Here is how you can start your running: Every day, after you wake up, drink some water and run a mile. Once you are comfortable with that start running a mile and a half.

As you should know, outdoor running and treadmill running are different, and you should probably know about both of them so you can make the best choice of how to train.

Something of note here is that when you are training for a marathon, your main goal is to improve your cardio strength, not to build muscle.  So don’t think that you need to do other things to build muscle, just focus on exercises, mainly running, that will build up strength in your cardiovascular system.

Cardio strength is very easy to build. In fact it is the easiest thing to change about one’s health. Though some people are blessed with really great hearts that pump blood like a like a gas tank, other people can still work to having great hearts and accomplish astonishing goals in very little time. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to thing that you could add on just a quarter of a mile to your run each week.

If you are diligent with your running goal, you would have no problem adding a quarter mile to your run every week. By the end of the month that would be a solid mile, and within a year that would be a regular 12 mile run that had become easy for you. If you are running 12 miles every day, you are certainly well on your way to running a marathon. The thing to watch out for in training is proper nutrition. What did you think that with constant running you wouldn’t need to watch what you eat? That’s crazy! You are going to have to be sure you are getting the proper amount of protein to fuel your heart. The heart works like any other muscle: when we use it, it breaks down a bit, during rest it repairs itself, as long as we have the proper nutrients to provided. If you just run every day and eat leafy greens without any protein, you are unlikely to gain any distance on your run. Protein is an important part to your performance, without it you will be unlikely to increase your performance.

Running is Mother Nature’s perfect exercise gifted through life that no machine can compare with. Unless, it is like an elliptical or something; but both elliptical and running have their different pros and cons. So remember your routine run every morning and proper amount of protein and you will be off to running marathons in a matter of now time. When running, always be sure to breath relaxed too, that helps your heart to not explode.

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