Best Buy Elliptical. For Ann, and Everyone Like Her.

We had a question in our reader mailbag that just got me to the heart. Dear Ann says:

I am wanting to buy a good solid Elliptical. I have read so many and am not sure which to buy. I just want a really good one that is sturdy and will last and not get squeaky. Don’t really care about a lot of bells and whistles. I am not overweight, just want to maintain my weight. I am 58 yrs old and do have a treadmill but would like a good elliptical that is not so expensive but mostly work on calories. I don’t think I need a lot of programs. I would like to know what you prefer. I have looked at the sole and espirit. I just don’t want to buy something and it not be a good one. Thanks for your time, Ann

ohh, Ann, thank you for the question..I think you represent the thousands of people that come here every day looking for the right answer in a confusing world of marketing schemes and salesmen. So for you and all the others with the same wish, I’m going to refer you to my best buy page. This page is designed for you. It gives you my top 3 choices in each price category. I spend a lot of time deciding which treadmills and ellipticals make it to the best buys. I am definitely a fan of quality over quantity (quantity of programs and features) So these treadmills and ellipticals that I choose are chosen because of their quality from the inside out. These are stalwart machines that have impressed me and many others. I’m not sure what price range you’re looking for, but I would recommend the Smooth Agile DMT x2. This elliptical has been a part of all of my award ceremonies and has always been atop my list of favorites. It is currently the best buy winner for ellipticals over $1,500. It is currently $1,799 by Smooth. It has a great warranty if for some reason anything does go wrong. If that is out of your price range, look at the other best buy winners. All of those are my favorites. That goes for ellipticals and treadmills.

Good Luck Ann, I hope you enjoy the elliptical you choose.

Here’s a link to the Smooth DMTx2 if you decide you like it.

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