Best Buy Winners of sub $1000 treadmills

Here we are! The long awaited announcement of the official best buy winners!

These are the winners of treadmills under $1000:

#1: Nordictrack C900
Earning a spot at the #1 best buys is a big deal, but the Nordictrack C900 deserves its place there. The treadmill has an excellent reputation with durability, and performance. It is one of the highest sold treadmills of Nordictrack, and with good reason. One of the most solid treadmills for under $1000 you’ll ever see.

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#2: Proform Power 995
The Proform Power 995 comes close to the top because of its exceptional specs and overall quality. This treadmill offers things you normally only see on more expensive models. If it only had a larger motor, it would likely be at the top of the list. However, with everything else it offers, it’s landed itself on the #2 of the best buys!

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#3: Sole F65
The Sole F65 made it to these best buys mainly because it’s a Sole, and that means excellent quality, strength, durability, and customer care. The actual specs of the machine at first glance don’t even look that great, but the quality of the overall machine more than compensates for those things–enough even to make it all the way to #3 of the best buys.

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  1. kevin dickerson says:

    am I a winner

  2. kevin dickerson says:

    I think he took a casual attitude towords explaining about the equipment. Not really selling the product or giving any needed information about the treadmills.

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