Best Buy Treadmills between $1000 – $2000

Here we are! The long awaited announcement of the official best buy winners!

These are the winners of treadmills between $1000 – $2000:

#1: Proform Performance 1450
The Performance 1450 is certainly one of the most popular treadmills of proform’s history, and perhaps of all treadmill history. The treadmill, when it came out it was ahead of its time with its features, the engine design, and the low price. It has been out for some time now, and has proven itself as a extremely high seller, and has left its customers happy and complaint free.

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#2: Nordictrack Elite 9500 Pro
The Nordictrack Elite 9500 pro is just a hair under the Performacne 1450. If it was much cheaper it would easily take the best buys for this price range. The treadmill offers not only the best features around, like it’s 10″ touch screen web browser with Ifit built in, but also and exceptionally large motor, overall strength, smoothness, and quietness. It’s just hard to beat.

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#3: Sole F85
Sole has kept these same treadmills around for a long time now, but for good reason. They are still making it into best buys right and left because of their noteable sturdiness and durability. The quality of Soles combined with their excellent care and warranties makes them an excellent choice, despite their few features and functions. It is one of the most problem-free treadmills out there.

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