Cayenne Pepper Aids in Weight Loss

Cayenne Pepper is a type of hot pepper, often ground and put into dishes to add seasoning. So why are we talking about it on the treadmill comparison blog? Well, you know that the best way to improve your productivity is through food and exercise! And besides adding delicious spice to your favorite dishes, Cayenne is known to be an aid in weight loss.

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Cayenne, like many peppers, contains a decent amount of capsaicin which is what causes a burning sensation when the peppers are touched or ingested. Capsaicin promotes metabolism and weight loss through a decrease in appetite. It also increases blood flow to all areas of the body, and is known for being an aphrodisiac.

There are a couple of different ways to get your daily intake of cayenne. Perhaps the easiest way is to just buy capsules filled with cayenne powder and take as recommended on the bottle. Some people are brave, and choose to drink their cayenne powder by adding a teaspoon to their water and chugging it down. You can also drink it by using a drink mix that contains cayenne, like the lemonade diet powder, which has cayenne in it but tastes predominantly like lemonade. You probably won’t have such a high concentration of cayenne if you choose to get a premixed drink powder, but you can always purchase a bottle of the pepper and add more to your drink if desired. You can also get your daily intake by adding cayenne powder to your meals.

As far as herbal dietary aids go, cayenne is a relatively cheap and easy way to boost your metabolism and assist you in your weight loss goals, but like with any other diet, it’s not a “fix-all” solution. You will still need to exercise and eat other healthy foods in order to receive the full benefits of adding cayenne to your diet, so keep looking for ways to stay motivated to run on the treadmill!

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