Celebrities Use Treadmills Too

Celebrities are under constant pressure to keep themselves looking great. Every time they venture out, they are approached by fans and paparazzi. So the majority of celebs must maintain a strict workout regimen to keep their bodies looking great. No doubt you’ve seen what happens when the press gets a hold of a photo of a celebrity that has let go and allowed their body to pack on the pounds. Brittany Spears comes to mind.


Celebs don’t even get a break after giving birth. After an actress or starlet has a baby, there is a lot of pressure for her to lose the baby weight right away. While a normal woman usually takes about a year to lose the pounds after giving birth, the common celebrity headlines boast of women losing everything within the first couple of weeks or months. This may happen for several reasons, but certainly the pressure of always looking picture perfect (even if it’s not the healthy option) plays a big role for new celebrity moms.

According to Elizabeth Ward on WebMD, “I am not sure how they are losing the weight so quickly, and it may not be the safest way. More than likely, the financial resources of the celebrities enable them to hire help with the baby and personal trainers to get them back into shape quickly because looking good is their business.”

One major advantage that celebrities have over regular people is money. For them, having a full time personal trainer on call is normal, and if they want fitness equipment in their homes, money isn’t the deciding factor for the machines that they wish to purchase.  They even have the advantage of not worrying about food prices, so that they can eat a perfectly healthy and balanced diet if they wish, and they aren’t subjected to the temptation of McDonalds for every meal!

But even with all of the trainers and the fancy equipment, celebrities often turn to a form of exercise that virtually everyone has access to. They go running and walking to improve their cardiovascular health! And they generally turn to treadmills to keep their workouts “private” and comfortable since they can either go to a private gym or have a treadmill in their own home. Running outside generally attracts too much attention.

Here is just a short list famous celebrities that (according to the Treadmill Doctor, and this Examiner article) have used a treadmill to lose weight: Beyonce, Christian Bale, Fifty Cent, Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, and Lauren Graham. And the list goes on and on. Check out both articles to see even more celebs who get their groove on while working out on their treadmills!

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