Freemotion 750 Interactive

Freemotion 750 InteractiveThe Freemotion 750 Interactive Treadmill

A while back, I wrote a review about the Freemotion 770 Interactive. I said it was “a perfect example of what a full-fledged treadmill should have.” Now let me tell you about its little brother, the Freemotion 750 Interactive:

Take a look at the specs on both, and you’ll notice that they’re the exact same. Everything except the motor which is 3.25 CHP rather than 3.5 CHP. Other than that they’re identical. Weird, I know. (Actually this happens all over the place in the treadmill world, Manufacturers take the same treadmill, give it a new name, a new price, and sell it as a “new model”).

What’s different about these two is the price! The Freemotion 750 is $600 dollars cheaper. Now, I admit that the 750’s display screen is a little more old school. the 8″ backlit compared to the full-colored Android-powered web browser can be a hard compromise for some. But for me the 8 incher does the job fine.

The extras are practically identical as well, which is a good thing:

  • Ifit Live
  • Fold-up with Easy Lift Assist
  • Surface Response Suspension Cushioning
  • Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
  • 8″ Backlit display
  • 24 Built-in workouts
  • Ipod Music Port
  • Built-in Acoustics 3.0 Speakers

The list goes on. Freemotion does have more advanced and higher-end treadmills, but as far as the amount of treadmill you get for your dollar, the 750 Interactive is the best value. With all the quality you get, the awesome warranty, and the great specs and features, the Freemotion 750 Interactive will never do you wrong. You’ll be happy about having this treadmill in your home for years to come.

Check it out. Thanks for reading.

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