Freemotion T5.8

The Freemotion T5.8 Treadmill Review

The Freemotion t5.8 is a workhorse treadmill. It’s like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the treadmill world. The deck is massive and super strong and the drive system and build of the machine are designed to be able to push a yacht (okay may not quite, but almost). If you’re a big heavy runner looking for a heavy duty treadmill with super strength, this treadmill is a perfect choice.

Freemotion didn’t bother with a lot of the small gadgets and features on this one. They left this one pretty basic for people who just want to run. Nothing fancy. What they did pay attention to was the cushioning system. They gave it a Reflex Cushioning system to absorb the impact without reducing strength. This cushioning system allows you to run any distance without feeling pains and aches in your joints as with normal running.

Another great feature that they fortunately included is the Ipod/MP3 port with built-in Speakers. You can either plug in headphones or listen out loud. It works great and doesn’t seem to have any problems with it. Music is a great catalyst of a good exercise. It gets your heart automatically beating faster, and helps distract your from the pain of exercising, which helps you to go longer.

More detailed information:

  • The motor is a strong 3.0 CHP Commercial Drive Motor which means it’s capable of handling just about anyone.
  • The speed reaches up to 12 MPH
  • The Incline can reach up to 15%
  • The running belt is wider than most, coming in at 22″ x 60″ 2ply.
  • A Cooling fan to keep you from getting too hot.
  • A maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs

The Warranty offers lifetime coverage on the Frame and Deck. The Engine is covered for 20 years, 7 years on parts, and 2 years on labor. If you’re the kind of person that just wants a basic solid, stable, and strong treadmill without the plethora of gadgets and features, this is a great choice if it’s in your price range. The quiet and stable feel of it make it all worth it.

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