Getting A Great Cardio Workout

Are you trying to raise your endurance or are you just trying to drop some weight. No matter what your fitness goals are, good cardio is going to help you to achieve it, and to do that you are going to need a very intense workout.  So put off using your treadmill for therapy, because it is going to get some serious use out of it!

First, if you want to get a harder more exerting routine in your daily regimen you need to diversify your workout. Running is a great exercise for cardio, but how about you throw some push ups at breaks in your run. Exercise burns a lot of calories, what happens is the calories are actually burned subsequently to ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The ATP is burned to create locomotion in the muscles, so the more you can move your muscles and the more muscles you can move the more you are going to be shedding that fat from your abdomen.

Second, pump up the volume. There are legitimate studies that have been done to prove that people who listen to music loudly can, and do, actually perform better during their exercise routine. Get out your mp3 player and start jammin’ to those phat beats (what? the Sensei can be hip!). You want to get the type of music that is going to get you pumped up and ready to work. Choose music that is going to make you feel like a beast and allows you to do more than you could before!

Third, rest. Getting good sleep is something that a lot of people consider to be a valuable waste of time. There is in fact a difference between regular sleep and good, restful sleep. Getting good sleep is going to completely replenish your energy, allowing you to perform at your peak. The body needs a good eight hours on average every single night, this number may change from individual to individual. Getting on a good sleep schedule will sustain you with added and increased energy throughout the day. The type of energy that can only be exerted during rigorous and intense exercise routines.

Fourth, harder is smarter. For example, if you can push yourself to maximum exertion within 5 minutes then do it. Do not try to conserve your energy during workouts, don’t ever do that. It isn’t going to help you at all; it will only slow down your workout routine. Sprint instead of jog, do forty pushups in a minute rather than 60 in two, just increase the speed of everything you do. This is a great way to shock your body and your metabolism, this will get you burning calories all day and even into the next.

Note:  this is a workout routine more for people who are trying shed a lot of fat and get in shape, not the type of workout you would use if you were training for a race.

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