Great Treadmills for $1,000

Have you ever wondered what some of the best are for $1,000? Well wonder no more, the Sensei has got your back! Check out the slideshow that I read on Treadmill Review Guru the other day!

So the $1,000 price range is pretty smack-dab in the middle. On one hand you have treadmills that don’t have a lot of features, but also don’t have high prices. On the other hand you have treadmills that are loaded up with so many features that they can do pretty much anything except brush your teeth; and they have price tags that match. That is what is so great about the $1,000 class. You get a decent amount of features for a reasonable price. That is IF you know which ones are worth getting. Sadly, some manufacturers will over price some of their “less quality” models and price them at around $1,000 when they are really worth much less than that.

So here is a neat little slideshow I found that displays some of the best treadmills for that price class. Enjoy!

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