Guest Article- Strut your Stuff: Look Great!

Good day to my readers!  I cannot believe it is Friday already!  Today I have another guest post; this one is from Tim,  the owner of , an online fitness classroom designed to help people get fit by rewarding them for exercising.  If you would like to learn more about what he does, message him on Twitter @CoolEFitness or email him;  Enjoy!

The best exercise is . . . WALKING

That is right! Walking.  We spend 1 to 3 years of our lives struggling just to take that first step. Then once we get the ability to do it we do everything we can to not do it, biking, swimming, running, or worse driving a car.

Where I live I am surrounded by babies of all kinds.  It is amazing to watch what happens right before that baby starts to walk.  They get all pudgy with skin hanging all over the place; kind of like how I look right now L (I am working on fixing this) But once they start to walk it all goes away, fairly quickly too.  There is something to this and I think we should make note.

Also the nice thing about walking is it gets you places.  Now I know this isn’t anything crazy but it allows you to do some awesome thing, like Urban Hiking or using Moon Shoes! I don’t know how many people out there recall Moon Shoes, but they were epic.  Kind of like having mini trampolines on your feet when you walked, ran or jumped around.

So many companies are trying to mess with the way we walk, like Sketcher’s Step-ups.  I am not saying these are a bad shoe, but anything that has the potential to change our gait, the way we walk, can cause major injuries throughout the kinetic chain.

Unless you are clumsy or texting, walking possesses a very low risk for injury.  We also have to take into consideration the occasional missed step and kicking the edge of a table in the middle of the night.  Other than those freak accidents we have been practicing walking our entire lives and have become REALLY efficient at it.  Our bodies are naturally designed to walk and therefore have adapted our bones, ligaments and muscles to be the most efficient they can be.

So unless you are looking for some type of high intense cardio, which can be found on, then just walk some place.  If it is raining then hop on a treadmill, pop up Hulu and just walk!



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