Help for a friend

Ok, not related to treadmills at all here, but I am asking for a Facebook favor for my friend from all my loyal readers. This radio station is giving away free Disneyland tickets to the person whose comment gets the most “likes” on their page. My friend is in a close second right now and could use as many likes as he can get to pull this thing out by 10:30 AM, Mountain Time. That’s twenty minutes. So if you could please help him out, here’s how:

1. Go like this page:
2. Go to this pose:
3. Click on “View previous comments.”
4. Scroll down a few until you see a comment from Tim Hemingway, it says “Come on Facebook friends, vote for my post so I can take the kiddos to Disneyland!”
5. Like this comment.
6. If you want, you can just unlike the Facebook page right after you like his comment.

Only 20 minutes left, please help out if you possibly can, it is much appreciated, thanks! Moshi Moshi!

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