Highlighting the Weslo Treadmill Cardio Stride 2.0

In the spotlight today is the Weslo Treadmill Cardio Stride 2.0. The Cardio Stride is a passive treadmill that quite affordable, especially considering that the least expensive powered treadmill costs at lease triple what this does.

The main difference between passive

treadmills and powered treadmills is that with passive treadmills, the user is doing all of the work. Whereas runners using a powered treadmill will actually need to increase the incline to 1% to approximate a natural running resistance, passive treadmill users will receive a fuller workout because of the natural incline and the kinetic friction of the running belt.


In addition, powered treadmills often limit runners with their motor’s slow output. Users who would like to run at anything faster than 7 mph or so will need to spend more to get a faster treadmill.


The Weslo Cardio Stride has top-speed although the warranty only covers use under 15 mph. That is still a faster speed than almost all powered treadmills are able to operate at.


Testers of the Cardio Stride have found the cushioning on this treadmill to be better than any outdoor setting– a characteristic feature of nearly all treadmills. There is also a built in fan that offers an  acceptable output of cool moving air to the runner.


Users who will be most satisfied with this treadmill are outdoor runners who are looking for a time-saving substitute that doesn’t cost $600 more than a decent pair of running shoes. At $149.99, the Cardio Stride is inexpensive enough to be an introductory treadmill to any users who are sampling the market for the first time.

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