Horizon T100 At A Glance

Hello everyone, I know what you all have been waiting for and here it is! Today’s Treadmill Review At A Glance! So today I’m going to review the Horizon T100, here it is.

So the T100 is, obviously, the first treadmill in the T100’s and let’s just say that it was rightfully upgraded. For its price, I suppose it could be considered a good deal; but as an overall treadmill, it does not possess very good quality. It’s okay though, they upgraded this model with the T101 and then upgraded that one with the T202, and then the T203 where they upgraded the motor and pretty much everything else and made it into a fine machine.

My biggest issue with this particular treadmill is the size of the motor. This thing only packs a 1.75HP motor; and even though it is a smaller treadmill, I still think that the motor is sub-par. What if you actually want to run on the machine? I honestly don’t believe that the motor would be able to handle serious running. At the same time, if you are on a strict budget this might be the treadmill you look at since it is so cheap. Well, that is my opinion of this one, here it is At A Glance.

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