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I’m here today with a review about the Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill. Actually this is more like a description, since I wasn’t actually able to check it out in person. But, I will try to inform you the best possible based on the things I know about Horizon and their treadmills, this treadmill in particular.

The Horizon Fitness T202 treadmill is a budget treadmill along with all of Horizon’s treadmills. The current $799 price throws it in the pot of the popular models like the Nordictrack A2750 Pro, the Proform Performance 600, the Livestrong 8.0T,and more.

The 2.5 HP Motor, while smaller than higher-class models, will still hold up to most runs. It may run at a higher RPM rate, and may make a little more noise, but it should work without having issues. Plus, if it ever does break down, you’ve got a lifetime coverage warranty on it, so you really don’t need to worry much about that. Motors rarely break down anyway.

The general standard for a belt size is 20″ x 60″ Even on $10,000 treadmills you’ll still usually get a 20×60″ belt. This one offers a bit shorter belt with 20″ x 55″. Not a big difference, but it can make a little difference if you’re a tall runner and your feet start sliding off the back.

The weight capacity is a full 325 lbs. This really is a decent sized capacity for such a low cost treadmill. This means the deck is fairly strong, and shouldn’t crack on you. The cushioning by Horizon is called PerfectFlex Plus, It’s practically the same system as most treadmills in this price-range, and feels about the same. I wouldn’t say it’s like running on a cloud, but it definitely does take much of the joint shock away.

In addition: here is a list.

  • 2.5 CHP Motor
  • 20″x55″ belt
  • 325 lbs weight capacity
  • 12MPH Max Speed
  • 12% Incline
  • 12 workout programs
  • PerfectFlex Plus
  • Workout Fan
  • Pulse Grips Heart Monitor
  • warranty: Lifetime Frame, Motor, 1 year parts & Labor.

Horizon is a specialist at making lightweight, low-cost treadmills that work well. While, I would always recommend trying to spend a little more and buy a heavier duty treadmill (which will probably save you money in the long run), some people just don’t have that option. If that is the case, then this treadmill is a viable option for you. This treadmill is more bare when it comes to features compared to other brands in this price range, but the design and make up make it strong competitor in its class due to its smooth operation and lasting durability.

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