Horizon T83 At A Glance

Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest installment of the Treadmill Review At A Glance’s! Today’s treadmill is the Horizon T83, see if it passes the Sensei’s test to achieve a good rating! Enjoy.

So the Horizon T83 is normally priced at $1,299, but most retailers will sell it at $999. And for that price, it is a great treadmill. You won’t find many treadmills at this price that are better. It has the specs that you would normally see on treadmills in this class. The motor is the usual size you will find on this class; the weight capacity is a little higher than what I would expect to see. Most of the treadmills like it will have a 250lb limit, maybe even 300lbs. So you can tell that this treadmill will be able to take more of a beating than the rest.

All in all, this is a little-better-than-average treadmill. It is well worth the money, considering it is generally in the sub-$1,000s. You can’t get a much better deal than that. Well there you have it, that is my take on this treadmill; now check it out At A Glance!

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