Increase Your Productivity Through Food and Exercise

Do you want to get more done while you’re at work? Or even just throughout your day in general? Well, there is an answer and it is not caffeine or energy drinks. According to recent studies, unhealthy diets, smoking, and a lack of exercise are all cutting down employees productivity in a day. It’s true. Your business may be lacking just because of the way your workers are eating.

Healthy Food to Eat for ProductivityThis study specifically that was conducted by the Center for Health Research at Healthways, the Health Enhancement Research Organization, and Brigham Young University all found that employees with an unhealthy diet were 66 percent more likely to lack in productivity than those who ate a healthy diet.

Productivity and a healthy diet are definitely linked together. But, some people may also forget that exercise plays a huge role in productivity as well. The study also found that employees who exercise even occasionally were 50 percent more likely to report higher levels of productivity in their work day. Also, bad habits such as smoking can decrease your productivity.

Many of these facts may seem pretty obvious, but the problem is people cannot seem to change their lifestyle. Do you know how much we could all accomplish in a day if we were healthier and exercised regularly?

We need to stop this decline in health epidemic that is going on in our nation. More research and studies are going on daily and everyday they are finding out more and more how much exercise and healthy foods can increase our quality of life.

James Pope, vice president and chief science officer for Healthways says, “Our research confirms that employee productivity loss is associated with low well-being, poor health behaviors, elevated health risks and the presence of chronic disease…This information is significant because the number of employees with excess body fat, poor diets, diabetes and sedentary lifestyles has risen to unprecedented levels in the nation.”

The most surprising part of this study was the the loss of productivity was highest in the ages of 30 and 39 and lowest in those 60 and older. Another significance is that the prevalence is higher in women than men. It seems to me that our nation needs to be eating healthier and living up to their full potential every day.

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