Just A Tip On An Innovative Dumbell Set

A true Space Saver!!

Bowflex Select Tec Dumbells are really a great invention! These things are great for those who have small apartments or lack space for having a huge 7 station gym. The Bowflex Select Tec Dumbells are on the more expensive side, but when you realize that you will never need to purchase weights again, may feel the price is well worth it! Bowflex offers 2 Sizes to choose from, the 552 or the 1090 set.

The 552 will accommodate from 5 to 52.5 lbs, adjusting in 2.5 pound increments . The 552 set is able to replace up to 15 sets of weights. The 1090 allows users to go from 10 lbs to 90 pounds (adjusting in 5 pound incriments), thus users are able to eliminate 17 sets of weights! This weights work by turning a dial and deciding on the weight you will use with one motion! When you decide you want a larger or smaller weight, just place in cradle and twist the knob! Ideally, there should be no more changing plates and dropping on toes!

The only problem with these weights is that the locking mechanism can break if ball bearings become loose. I have only heard of this occurring a couple of times, but that could be a fatal flaw if raised above head!

If you have been thinking about getting into free weights, this is a time to look at Bowflex SelectTec! Bowflex is also offering free shipping on their weights ( they tend to weigh a lot, hahaha).

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