LiveStrong LS10.0T Treadmill Review

The Livestrong 10.0T Treadmill is a very well constructed machine.

It is also a really good looking and appealing to the eye. It is made with upgraded heavy duty steel to make the frame steady and durable for long lasting use. Want to work out on a quality, affordable priced treadmill, with Lance Armstrong? The Livestrong 10.0T is your answer!

The Livestrong 10.0T Treadmill has 74” x 36” footprint which makes this a large treadmill. However, the foldable frame helps you to recover your living space when you are not exercising. It is a sturdy machine that can handle up to 325 lbs. It is suitable for walkers, joggers or runners.

The Livestrong 10.0T is equipped with 2.75 CHP Motor. This is an adequate motor that will offer long lasting operation, yet quite so that you can still enjoy listening to your music or watching your TV at a regular volume. It has spacious running area of 20” x 55” with a MaxComfort system for a better and comfortable experience.

The Livestrong 10.0T Treadmill console has a USB port so that you can easily down load your new exclusive “Lance-endorsed” training programs. The Livetrack Interactive technology allows you to track your work out history on LIVESTRONG.COM.

Other features include:

  • Built-in high quality speakers that are compatible with your iPod and MP3 player to help you get fired up.
  • Quick Start Button
  • 12 pre-programmed workouts to choose from
  • Multi-grip handles to monitor your heart rate during your work out
  • It has speed range from 0-12 MPH and an incline from 0- 12%.

The Livestrong 10.0T Treadmill is made by a company called Johnson. We believe that Johnson will continue to do business in the US for a long time. On this particular model we believe Johnson should be commended. Johnson packaged a great name, with solid components, and quality build, at an affordable price. Well Done.

The Livestrong 10.0T Treadmill is covered by a lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame, 3 years on parts and 1 year in-home labor. We recommend an extended service plan especially if you are planning to keep the one several years. Prevention is better than cure!

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