Local Gym Going Out of Business Sale — Cheap New Equipment

Moshi Moshi!

We’re taking a lunch break here at the DOJO and I wanted to put up a quick post. We’re spending a huge portion of the day at a local gym that is going out of business. Their equipment is being sold off to other area gyms and we’re uninstalling them at the old gym, doing maintenance on the equipment and then delivering them to the buyers.

The gym owner is storing a few pieces at the DOJO that he is selling and I thought I’d post them online here for anyone who might be interested. Some of the items are still new in the box (or crate) and others were just set up and never used.

Here is what he’s got:

He has a pair of Tunturi T20 treadmill units still new and in the box. He had the T20 treadmills delivered a few weeks ago for a customer who never picked them up. They normally go for about $1699 (which is way over priced I think) but he’s selling them at cost for $1100 each.

New in the crate (and a very heavy crate it is!) Troy Pro Dumbbells 5-50 pound set, they are gray plates with straight handles and rubber end caps. They go for around $1100 and he’s looking for $850.

There is a Star Trac Elite Elliptical there as well. It is set up but is in pretty near perfect condition and has never been used. We set it up for him at the gym about 4 weeks ago and he’s been closed for 2 of those weeks. He is looking to get is cost back which was $3795.

There is a remanufactured Matrix T3X Treadmill. We just checked it out and it is in excellent condition. These things list new at about $5600 but you can get them for around $4500 if you negotiate. The owner wants $2300 for the Matrix T3X.

Lastly, he has a Monark 884E Ergomedic Sprint Bike that is in great condition. It was a unit brought in as a demo unit from the manufacturer and has maybe 30 minutes worth of usage on it. I think these things used to sell for around $2700 new. The gym owner wants $1400 for the Monark 884E.

If anyone is interest, feel free to drop me a note and I can get you in contact with the gym owner. Since the equipment is all going to be stored at the DOJO I can get digital pictures if needed.

That’s it for now. Look for a Horizon T73 Treadmill post later on today. Take care!

-The Treadmill Sensei

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