Matrix T3X Treadmill Review — The Lexus of Treadmills (aka the Matrix MX T3Xi Treadmill)

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Recently I mentioned that my assistant, the legendary Hikaru, had fallen asleep on a Matrix T3X treadmill. Since then I’ve had a number of you ask me for more information on that Matrix treadmill unit. Unfortunately, the Matrix T3X Treadmill (and its almost identical twin, the Matrix T3Xi treadmill) is one of those wonderful little secrets of the fitness industry. In fact, if I had to pick the perfect higher end commercial treadmill it would be the Matrix T3X treadmill. It really is that darn good.

Matrix is the commercial fitness branch owned by Johnson Tech — at last count, they are something like the 4th or 5th largest fitness company in the US. You may be familiar with Johnson Tech as the parent company of the Horizon Fitness line. As with the Horizon home units, the Matrix line continues Johnson Tech’s excellent design and production record. Although they are still trying to find there place in the market, a large number of gyms and fitness centers have begun the conversion over to Matrix treadmills (and their equally awesome Matrix E5X ellipticals).

Let’s start out with what Johnson Tech is best known for, their motors. The Matrix T3X treadmill comes with a beefy, bad boy of a 3.2 horsepower motor…and when Johnson Tech rates a motor at 3.2 horsepower, you can be assured you are getting 3.2 horsepower. The motor on the year old Matrix T3X we have in the shop is still as powerful and consistant as the first day it came in. The car buffs in our repair group often joke that Johnson Tech loaded the Matrix T3X treadmill with a hemi engine and are always threatening to put wheels on so they can drive it aroudn town.

A great thing about the motor in the Matrix T3X is how amazingly quiet it is. It’s no wonder Matrix sells television attachments for these units because you can easily hear a television program over the sound of your workout — not something you can say about many commercial treadmills.

The deck on the Matrix T3X treadmill is one of the places the machine truly shines. Matrix calls it the “Ultimate Deck” with a little trademark symbol after it. What that means to you is a 1″ thick reversible 2-ply deck with hard wax. What that means in layman’s terms is a heavy duty deck that is going to last for many years with little to no maintainence. If, through some ungodly amount of running you actually wear the deck down (remember, these machines are rated for 100+ hours a week of usage), you can unfasten the deck and flip it over to use the otherside as a pristine running surface. Speaking of the running surface, the deck on the Matrix T3X is a comfortable 60″ x 20″ — more than enough room for even long distrance marathon training.

The Matrix T3X treadmill also comes with all of the little bells and whistles you expect from one of the top end treadmills on the market — steel frame construction, front end transport wheels, quick start, 8 programs, heart rate control, wireless heart rate monitor, pulse grip sensors, a great 3 year parts and labor warranty, 12 mph speed, 15% incline and a max user weight of 400+ pounds. This machine is built to take any amount of abuse you can throw at it.

And, best of all, it looks really cool. Matrix has really upped its design ante with the Matrix T3X treadmills. They are a great example of form following function and would look fantastic in any home or office setting — and you should see a line of 10 of these babies lined up in a gym. It makes you feel like you’re working out in Star Wars…”Empire Strikes Back” more than, say, “The Phantom Menace.”

Sleet, stylish, sturdy and dependable, the Matrix T3X treadmill is built to last. Heck, Hikaru has lost more than 100 pounds on this puppy in a year. He just plain enjoys running on the thing. Prices on a new T3X run about $5795. For class and performance, the Matrix T3X Treadmill earns 5 Golden Buddahs out of 5.

The Treadmill Sensei gives the T3X treadmill by Matrix 5 out of 5 Golden Buddahs
The Sensei gives Matrix T3X 5 out of 5!

The Treadmill Sensei calls the Matrix T3X Treadmill is the Lexus of the Fitness World
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Matrix Fitness T3X Treadmill Specifications
Transport Wheels:
Horsepower: 3.2 HP
Frame Construction: Steel
Shock Absorption: Yes, variable compression technology cushions
Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Reversible Deck: Yes, ultimate hard wax design
Maximum Speed: 12 MPH
Maximum Incline: 15%
Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes, pulse grip and wireless telemetry
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Programs: Manual, intervals, weight loss, fitness test, 5K run, and target heart rate
Display Type: LED
Special Features: Quick start, button and lanyard clip emergency stop
Product Size:
84″L x 34″W x 55″H
Product Weight: 340 lbs.
Step Up Height: 7″
Running Area: 60″ x 20″

-The Treadmill Sensei

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