McDonalds Menu Has Calorie Counts

You may have noticed over the past couple months that McDonalds has added the calorie counts to their menus. Unless you haven’t been to McDonalds in the past couple of months… Which is definitely commendable, considering that in America, about 27 million people eat there every day (which is about 11% of our country’s population). So if you have gone for months without visiting a Mickey D’s, keep up the good work.

Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich – 350 Calories
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For the rest of us, this modification to the menu is a very welcome addition. Now when you decide to stop for your favorite combo meal, or even a snack, you can see at a glance what menu items have too many calories, and which ones will fit into your diet. For those who are addicted to fast food, use the new Favorites Under 400 menu to make your choice on what to eat. Skip the drink and just get water, and you will be in a lot better shape. If you eat the occasional grilled chicken sandwich or cheeseburger, you shouldn’t need to worry. Just don’t make it a daily habit, since their food definitely won’t aid in weight loss.

McDonalds should to be commended for this menu addition, because in a lot of cases, when this enormous franchise does something, other restaurants tend to follow in their footsteps. Even though in the month of October, the company has seen their sales drop for the first time since 2003, that doesn’t seem to be attributed to the addition of the calorie counter to their menus. Rather, they believe that the sales have dropped due to rival restaurants attracting customers through new forms of advertising. Soon all chain restaurants will be required to display calorie counts (it should happen by the end of 2013), so McDonalds is just getting a head start, and it’s definitely not something to complain about!

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