NordicTrack 4500 Pro At A Glance

What a wonderful Thursday it is! I hope that all of my readers are having a great week. I’m still kickin out awesome at a glance treadmill reviews, and today’s treadmill is going to be the NordicTrack 4500 Pro!

This is a pretty extraordinary treadmill. Unfortunately the whole Reflex line, including this treadmill, were discontinued by NordicTrack. This is most likely because of the huge criticism the treadmill got for the frame not being durable. While that may be true, the Reflex series had something that most other treadmills don’t; a revolutionary deck that isn’t made with shock-cushioning technology, but rather is, as a whole, a piece of cushioning technology!

Just look at that sweet deck that mimics some sort of springboard. Not only was this totally different, but people LOVED running on it! It is really too bad that the frame was made with such poor quality because this could have been a very nice treadmill. I know it is a horrible machine, but man I just love that deck!

As I said, NordicTrack discontinued the manufacturing of this treadmill, but there are undoubtedly different dealers out there that are carrying this treadmill, maybe even I hope you enjoyed this treadmill review At A Glance!

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