Proform 850 T At A Glance

Ohiyo everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m still dishing out awesome treadmill reviews at a glance and today I’ve got the Proform 850 T treadmill lined up for you guys, hope you enjoy!

As we all know, a treadmill in the $1,299 range needs to be an exceptional treadmill that really goes the extra mile and brings something new, or better, to the table. It is a very competitive price range. The 850 T is a decent, average treadmill. It has exceptional durability and fully functioning features. The main problem with this treadmill is the motor size, which you might think wasn’t a problem at all for this price range. It’s motor is a 2.5HP, where problems might occur if you push it a little too far. Like I said in my previous review of this machine, I would suggest, for this price class, not settling for any treadmill with a motor less than a 3.0HP.

Putting the motor issue aside, this is a pretty good machine. Its durability will ensure that you will be using it for many years. Here it is at a glance!

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